Department of Sociology

Chair and Associate Professor: Dr. Toth, 450-5665
Professors: Dr. Shepherd
Associate Professors: Dr. Akhter, Dr. Campbell, Dr. George, Dr. Powers, Dr. Wilson
Assistant Professors: Dr. Rich
Lecturer I: Mr. Beacham, Dr. Hall
Instructor: Mr. Poe

[1] Purpose

The primary objective of the undergraduate sociology program is to provide students with conceptual and analytical tools for understanding the structure and variations of social interaction in human societies. The cultivation of students’ abilities to apply what they learn to the practical resolution of social concerns in daily life, as well as the development of their theoretical knowledge and capacity for scholarly objectivity are all goals of the sociology program.

[2] The Undergraduate Scholars Program in Sociology

Junior or senior students may, at the invitation of the sociology faculty, be permitted to participate in the undergraduate scholars program in sociology. Successful completion of the program allows the student to graduate with honors in sociology and involves the following:

  1. Completion of SOC 4390 taken in consultation with the advisor;
  2. An overall grade point average of 3.25 and a 3.50 grade point average in the major;
  3. An oral examination conducted by three members of the department as stated in number four below; and
  4. Completion of an acceptable research paper based upon reading and research done in SOC 4390 and submitted to three members of the sociology faculty. These three faculty members will conduct the oral examination, which will focus primarily on the research paper.

[3] Baccalaureate Degrees: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

The degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, with a major in sociology, requires successful completion of 120 hours, including (1) the UCA Core: complete 38 hours to meet lower-division UCA Core requirements and complete upper-division UCA Core requirements using major, minor, or elective courses (see the UCA Core requirements); (2) degree requirements; (3) major requirements listed below; and (4) a minor as worked out with the student’s minor advisor.

[3.1] Major in Sociology (33 hours)

Students who major in sociology should complete SOC 1300 with a grade of C or better. All sociology majors are required to take SOC 1300, 2321, 3320, 4330, and 4360. In addition, students are required to take 18 hours as determined by their area of study.

[3.1.1] General Sociology

Sociology electives (18 hours), selected from the remaining sociology courses.

Students may choose up to two courses (6 hours) from the ANTH list to count as electives for the general sociology concentration.

[3.1.2] Criminology Concentration

Criminology concentration requirements (9 hours): SOC 3370, 3371, 4355.

Sociology electives (3 hours minimum), selected from the remaining sociology courses in consultation with an advisor.

Optional Interdisciplinary electives (6 hours maximum): PSCI 3375, PSCI 4300, PSCI 4301, H ED 4312.

Students  may choose up to two courses (6 hours) from the ANTH list to count as electives for the criminology concentration.

[3.2] Minor in Sociology (18 hours)

Eighteen hours of sociology (including SOC 1300), 9 hours of which must be upper-division.

Students may choose up to two courses (6 hours) from the ANTH list to count as electives for the sociology minor.

[3.3] Minor in Anthropology (18 hours)

There are six required courses for the Minor in Anthropology, totaling 18 hours (9 hours have to be upper division). All Anthropology minors are required to take ANTH 1302, then choose and complete two courses from the Anthropology Core to include ANTH 2300, 3300, 3310, WRTG 2350, 4325, ANTH 2325, 3315, 3340, 3350, and complete three additional courses from the Anthropology Core or from the designated electives GEOG 1320, 3315, RELG 3315, 3325, PHIL 3352, ENGL 1330, 3315, PSCI 3382, WLAN 2325, SOC 3310, 3361, 3398, 4301, ANTH 3360, 4190/4290/4390, 4370, 4380, 4395.

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