Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education

Chair and Associate Professor: Dr. Howell, 450-3148
Professors: Dr. Hattlestad
Assistant Professors: Dr. Bruenger, Dr. Gallagher, Dr. Parker, Dr. Tucker
Clinical Instructors: Mr. Crawford, Dr. Douglas, Ms. Epping, Mrs. Eskola, Mr. Hervey, Mr. Hornor, Mrs. Martinez, Ms. Moore, Ms. Schuckman, Mrs. Sessum, Mr. Strickland, Ms. Whittaker, Mrs. Wilcox

[1] Purposes

The objectives of the instructional program of the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education are separated into two areas of responsibility:

  1. The department contributes to the general education of all students in the university through courses designed to establish a program of activity with primary emphasis on the development of lifetime physical fitness and knowledge and appreciation of movement, games, and sports.
  2. Professional preparation at the undergraduate and graduate levels is provided for students desiring to (a) teach physical education and/or coach within the public schools, (b) serve as athletic trainers, or (c) work in the corporate/community fitness sector or recreational agencies.

[2] Baccalaureate Degree Programs

[2.1] Major Programs

Follow these links for information about the department’s baccalaureate degree programs:

[2.2] Minor in KPED

Note: The Bachelor of Science in Education minor, with an emphasis offered at the secondary level, is currently under review and revision. For further information, contact the Chair of the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education 450-3148.

[3] Master’s Degree Program

See Graduate Bulletin.

[4] Courses Offered by the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education

Follow these links to course descriptions: