Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

The degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in Kinesiology and Physical Education requires successful completion of a minimum of 128 hours, including (1) the general education component, (2) the degree component, and (3) an 18-hour required minor in family and consumer science (see below). The minor is under the direction of the student’s minor advisor. General education courses do not count toward the required hours for the major. A grade of C or better is required in all kinesiology courses.

[1.1] Major in Kinesiology

KPED core curriculum (17 hours): KPED 2381, 3382, 4230, 4300, 4320, and 4395.

Major Requirements (35 hours):  2300, 2340, 3316, 3331, 4310, 4351; 2 hours selected from the following courses KPED 1125 and 1135 or  2212, 2215 or 2216 or 2222, KPED 2201 or 4271, 2203 or 4271, 2223 or 4271, 3330  or 4371,  3363 or 4371, 4380 or 4371.

[1.2] Minor Requirements

Minor (18 hours) NUTR 1300, 3370, 4315 and 9 hours of electives selected with the approval of the academic advisor.  Recommended electives are FACS 2341, NUTR 3390 and NUTR 4395.

[1.3] Related Requirements

Related Requirement (3/4 hours):  Three hour of course from a cognate area that supports students’ career interests or four hours selected from KPED 3211 or 3212 or 3213 or 3214.

[1.4] Admission Requirements

The following minimum requirements must be met for admission to the KPED program:

  1. Completion of an Application for Admission. This form may be obtained from the students’ major advisor or in the Departmental Office located in Farris Center, Room 120.
  2. Completion of  27 hours of pre-requisite courses BIOL 1400 or 1410, MATH 1390 or higher, KPED 1320, 2300, 2381, two hours selected from KPED 1125 and 1135 or KPED 2212, 2213, 2214, 2215, 2216, 2222, 2224, 2225 and 2226,  SPCH 1300,  and WRTG 1310 and 1320  with no grade less than a C.
  3. Submit documentation of current CPR certification from an approved provider (e.g., American Heart Association, American Red Cross) to academic advisor.
Successful completion of the fitness test for further information regarding the test. *Summer admission to the KPE program is offered at the discretion of the KPE department. Students should complete admission during the spring semester for admission the following fall to ensure continuously matriculation.

[1.5] Retention in Kinesiology and Physical Education Program

Following acceptance into the KPE program, to remain in good standing a student must

  1. Exhibit responsible and professional behavior in all classes, field experiences and interactions with peers and faculty, as judged by the program faculty, clinical supervisors and/or mentor teachers.
  2. Maintain a minimum of 2.0 cumulative, major,  and minor grade point average.
  3. Maintain current CPR throughout enrollment in the program.  Copy of certification card must be filed annual with the major advisor in August prior to the start of the fall semester.

Failure to meet retention standards will result in suspension and/or removal from the program.

A formal review by the Admissions and Retention Committee (ARC) will occur before a student will be allowed to enroll in internships. The outcomes of this review will determine whether the student will be permitted to continue in the KPE program. The review may result in a remediation plan rather than dismissal. Decisions to remove a student from the KPE program will be recommended by the ARC and approved by the program coordinator, department chair, and college dean.

[1.6] Program Exit Requirements

Students must complete the following requirements and submit the following documentation to the chair of the Kinesiology and Physical Education prior to graduation.

  1. Application for Graduation by the deadline established by the university and listed at academic calendar.
  2. A minimum of a 2.0 cumulative, major and minor grade point average.
  3. Completion of required KPED core and major courses with a grade of C or better.
  4. Passing score on the showcase portfolio.
  5. Completion and submission of Program exit survey
  6. Submit a completed KPED Exit Survey to the KPE Departmental Office located in Farris Center Room 120 no later than the last day of regularly scheduled classes.  Exit surveys will be distributed to students by Internship instructors.  Should a candidate fail to submit the exit survey by the stipulated deadline, the student may not participate in the exit interview and an X grade will be awarded for KPED the Internship course until the requirement is met.
  7. Participate in an exit interview conducted by the Chair of the KPED Department during finals week. Students are notified by email regarding the specific date, time and location of the exit interview.  Should a student fail to participate in the exit interview, an X grade will be awarded for the Internship course until the requirement is met.

[1.7] Retention in Field Experiences/Internship

A student may be removed from a field experience, clinical, or internship when any of the following occurs:

  1. The appropriate authority states that the student’s presence in the classroom and/or clinical site is not in the best interest of the school’s students or the clinic’s clients and/or the appropriate authority requests that the student be removed.
  2. The student exhibits unprofessional, unethical and/or unlawful behavior.
  3. A decision has been made that the student cannot receive a grade of C or better in a field experience or internship course.

[1.8] Appeals of Admission and Retention Decisions

A formal appeal of an admission or retention decision may be appealed. A student can only initiate an appeal after seeking resolution with the program’s Admission and Retention Committee. An appeal must be based on exceptional and extenuating circumstances and other pertinent information not previously available or considered. A formal appeal must be submitted in writing to the Dean of the College (CHAS) within five business days of being notified of admission or retention status. The Dean of the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences will transmit the appeal to KPE Academic Appeals Committee. The candidate may appeal to the CHAS dean, in writing, within five business days of the committee’s decision. The student may appeal to the Provost, in writing, within five business days of the Dean’s decision.

[2] Courses in Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPED)

Follow this link to KPED course descriptions: course link