COE TV Announcements

Announcement Submission Guidelines

Announcement publications are limited to College of Education related events, activities, and announcements.

There are two types of announcements – full screen announcements (slide show) & scrolling announcements (vertical scrolling marquee). Please see the section below pertaining to the type of announcement you wish to be displayed.

 Please send an email including the following information to

  1. The subject line of the message should read “TV Announcement”.
  2. The message should include contact information for the individual or group who created the announcement.
  3. The message should include the beginning and end dates through which the announcement should run.
  4. The announcement should be attached to the message. For scrolling announcements, please provide the text of the announcement in the body of the email.
Scrolling Announcements

Scrolling announcements will appear on the right side of the television screens and must be brief. It is not necessary to use a template when submitting text for a scrolling announcement. Simply send us a few lines of text including details of your event.

Full Screen Announcements

Full screen announcements will appear in the largest portion of the screen and will look similar to a presentation slide show.  The announcement must be submitted using the PowerPoint or Google Slides template below.

  1. Your message should be relatively short as the screen will transition from one announcement to the next in approximately 7-10 seconds.
  2. Large font size should be used for legibility from a distance. Font sizes smaller than 20pt should not be used.
  3. Images should be of the highest quality possible in order to minimize pixelation.
  4. While patterned backgrounds can be used, the text on top of it must be readable.
  5. Distorted or stretched images should not be used.

Full screen announcements not meeting the above criteria will be sent back.

TV Announcement Templates

Questions concerning procedures should be directed to