Safe Spring Break



Going somewhere for Spring Break?! The beach, the lake, a ski resort, perhaps? While we all need a little time to detox from a crazy semester, it’s not the smartest thing to make YOLO your spring break mantra. You definitely want to have the best time possible during your spring break BUT you also want to live to tell the tale.

Here are a few safety tips to remember, whatever your destination may be, because You do really Only Live Once, and your decisions really DO matter!


On The Road

  • Seatbelts- wear them! That old trend about seatbelts not being cool is like our grandparents’ age. WEAR IT! Everybody’s doin it!
  • Drivers licenses- don’t forget em!
  • Keep each other awake!


In Hotels

  • Reserve a room that’s NOT on the 1st floor- 1st floor hotel rooms are often the target of robberies because they’re easiest to access- and get away from.


If You Plan On Drinking

  • Plan your transportation home BEFORE you go, NEVER drink and drive!
  • Never leave your drink unattended- you never know who might slip a drug into it!
  • Don’t drink in a hot tub. “The effects of alcohol are felt sooner and stronger in a hot tub. It can lead to unconsciousness and drowning” (Safe Spring Break, 2012).
  • Know the liquor laws where you will be. This could save you from being jailbait in a country where you don’t even speak the language- talk about a nightmare!
  • Party smart & pace yourself! NOT TRENDING NOW: That one guy//girl who gets wasted 30 minutes into the party and passes out before midnight.


When You're Goin' Out

  • Go out with your friends & go home with your friends (Safe Spring Break, 2012). Watch each other’s backs!
  • Keep your eyes pealed for signs of predatory drugs: "extreme wooziness, confusion, difficulty standing and slurring speech" (Safe Spring Break, 2012).
  • If you or your friends are experiencing these signs, get outta there! One of you is likely to become a victim.


If You're Searching For Romance, Keep In Mind...

  • “Love is all around, and so are STDs” (CDC, 2014). "We see a large increase in the number of STDs and STIs that students experience after spring break" (Dr. Randy Pastor, SHC).  So use protection! Stock up BEFORE you leave home. The only 100% way to protect yourself for STDs is by not having sex, but if you’re going to, be smart about it. You only get one body- take care of it!
  • Women, be careful. You are more likely than men to be a victim of sexual violence.
  • Set your boundaries early and don’t cave to peer pressure- don’t let anyone talk you into something you’re uncomfortable with. Respect yourself!


On the Beach

  • Drinking+ sun= a bad sunburn and an even worse hangover. Sun maximizes the effects of alcohol- take it slow and drink a lot of water.
  • Wear sunscreen of at least 15, and if you’re extra fair, wear sunglasses and a hat.
  • Remember that you can get burned, even when it’s cloudy!


In The Water

  • Do you even know what a rip current is? Basically Neptune’s wrath- powerful currents that carry you out to sea. If you’re caught in one, don’t swim against it; rather, swim parallel to the beach until you’re free of it’s pull. Pay attention to your beach’s swimming conditions.



  • Bring an extra copy!! Again… stuck in a country where you don’t even speak the language? Not exactly a dream vacation. Be smart and guard that piece of gold!






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