Continuing Operations and Pandemic Exceptions for Students


All current policies relating to course attendance, withdrawal from a course or the institution, residential living, course materials, and tuition and fees shall apply, unless the situation is deemed an exceptional one and is supported by appropriate and acceptable documentation. In all cases, except for the closing of the University, it is the responsibility of the student to submit a request for any exception to existing policy.

1. A student unable to attend class due to illness should first work out an academic arrangement with individual instructors to complete the semester’s courses via alternative means to receive grades and credits.

a.   If the illness occurs late in the semester, this academic arrangement may include early finals or incomplete grades.

b. If incomplete grades are the agreed to arrangement, the normal one year maximum amount of time to complete the course will apply. The instructor, however, may specify a shorter period of time.

2. A student whose illness is so severe that medical personnel recommend a withdrawal from the semester may withdraw from all classes with non-punitive (W) grades, even if after the last date to do so in the academic calendar.

a. Fees may be refunded for such students, either on a full or pro-rated basis. Student Accounts and/or Housing may require a written request for an exception to the normal refund policy.

b. The UCA Barnes and Noble Bookstore may consider offering a liberal buy back policy to a student withdrawing due to a documented recommendation from medical personnel on a case by case basis.

3. In all cases where an exception to current policies is requested, medical documentation will be required. Such documentation should be provided either personally or by another who has legal authority to act on the student’s behalf (parent, spouse, etc.).

a. The Dean of Students shall be the point of contact for initiation of a medical withdrawal during the course of a semester.

b. The Registrar shall be the point of contact for initiation of a medical withdrawal after the end of a semester.

c. For an exception beyond the authority of the Dean of Students or Registrar a student may be referred to the Adjustments and Credentials Committee.

4. A student who, because of a documented illness, falls out of compliance with financial aid and/or scholarship requirements may follow the already established appeals processes to request the restoration of financial aid and/or scholarship awards.

5. In the event the University declares a pandemic emergency and closes, classes will resume once the emergency has passed. The semester may then be extended to make-up for the missed time, even if the extension runs over into an existing holiday break, causes a late start of the next consecutive term, or results in the cancellation of a part of a future term in order to return the institution to its normal schedule/calendar of operation.

Key Personnel Contact Information

1. Gary Roberts, Dean of Students

Phone: (501) 450-3416

Location: Student Health Center, Room 210

2. Anthony D. Sitz, University Registrar

(501) 450-5200

Location: McCastlain Hall, Room 112

3. Jason Rankin, Director of Student Accounts

(501) 450-5019

Location: McCastlain Hall, Room 144

4. Rick McCollum, Director of Housing

(501) 450-5190

Location: Bernard Hall, Room 209

5. Cheryl C. Lyons, Director of Financial Aid

(501) 450-3140

Location: McCastlain Hall, Room 001

6. Rick Burton, Store Manager

Barnes and Noble Bookstore

(501) 450-3166

Location: UCA Student Center