Student Success and Retention Council

Formed as a reorganization of UCA’s Retention Committee, the Student Success and Retention Council (SSRC) was recommended for approval by the Faculty Senate at its meeting on February 11, 2014. The SSRC is charged with these responsibilities:

  • Undertakes on-going study of the retention and graduation/program-completion of students at UCA
  • Reports data on the retention and graduation/program completion of students at UCA to the provost, president, board of trustees, and other campus stakeholders
  • Researches best practices in increasing retention and graduation/program-completion rates
  • Proposes specific action steps to increase retention and graduation/program-completion rates at UCA
  • Oversees the implementation of approved action steps to increase retention and graduation/program-completion rates
  • Assesses the success of these implementations

The SSRC also undertakes or facilitates other activities/functions within its purview as may be identified by its membership or required by the university.

The SSRC reports to the provost and meets at least monthly (see the Minutes page for scheduled meetings).

Guiding Principles

The SSRC has articulated the following guiding principles – commitments made by the university to student success:

The University of Central Arkansas makes these commitments to student success. We will

  • Provide every student with the information, access to resources and services, and opportunities vital to successful engagement in the UCA community.
  • Provide guidance and support for students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve academic and personal success.
  • Accept responsibility and accountability for consistently measuring evidence of student success.

These principles are intended to identify a broadly shared understanding by the campus community – students, staff, faculty – of its commitments to student success and to assist the SSRC and the campus in prioritizing investments in student success initiatives.