Public Administration Program

What is public administration?

Public administration is a challenging and rewarding career in public service.  Public administrators work to help solve demanding public problems and serve the public primarily through government agencies and non-profit organizations.  Public administrators perform a wide range of functions such as developing policy and legislation; implementing policies; managing programs, people, and budgets; and providing vital daily services for the well-being of citizens.

Is public administration right for me?

Are you interested in how the government works?  Do you want to influence the direction of your community, state, or country? Are you interested in public policies such as education, criminal justice, economic development, or the environment? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people? Do you want a challenging and rewarding career? Do you want a degree that will prepare you for many careers in a wide variety of organizations and institutions?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, public administration is the program for you!

What is the career outlook for public administration majors?

Public administration offers many career opportunities including those in government agencies at all levels, in non-profit organizations both domestically and abroad, in higher education, as aides and analysts for elected officials, in hospitals and other health-related organizations, and in private sector companies that contract with governments.  These opportunities provide good pay and benefits, numerous choices of where to work in the US and around the world, and resources for further training and education.  Job opportunities abound as agency directors, program managers, policy analysts, legislative or congressional aides, budget analysts, grant writers, economic developers, city managers, urban planners, research analysts, law enforcement officers, human resource analysts, healthcare administrators, and as attorneys in government and non-profit agencies.

Where are recent public administration majors working?  Recent public administration majors work in diverse occupations for a wide variety of organizations and institutions – See Recent Job Placements.

What kinds of courses will I take and what kinds of skills will I learn?

The public administration major at UCA will provide you with a broad understanding of the organization and functions of government and non-profit agencies and knowledge of important public policies being discussed today by politicians, the media, and the public. You will be provided with skills in critical thinking and analysis, research, writing, and public speaking that will prepare you for your career and/or graduate school and law school.  You will take courses in national, state, and local government, public policy, program evaluation, intergovernmental relations, public management, and policy courses on education, economic development, budgeting, and the environment.  A required internship with a government agency or non-profit organization will provide you with a real-world work experience!


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For more information contact:  Dr. Kim Hoffman, Director of Public Administration at or 501-450-5688, Irby Hall Room #217