Minor in Legal Studies

Minor in Legal Studies – 24 credit hours

All students minoring in Legal Studies will complete a total of twenty-four [24] credit hours, including twelve [12] credit hours of core courses and twelve [12] credit hours of upper-division elective courses.

Core Requirements (12 credit hours) Students must complete each of the following courses.

PSCI 1330, U.S. Government & Politics
PSCI 3375, The American Judicial System (Prerequisite: PSCI 1330)
ACCT 2321, Legal Environment of Business I
CRIM 2300, Foundations for Criminal Justice

Elective Requirements (12 credit hours) – Students must complete four upper-division elective courses (12 credit hours), including at least three elective courses (9 credit hours) from one of the three concentrations.

Public Law & Institutions:  This concentration familiarizes students with the various institutions and mechanisms that influence the legal system.

PSCI 3315, International Law & Organizations (Prerequisites: PSCI 1330 and PSCI 2300)
PSCI 3316, Cyber Security Law & Policy (Prerequisites: PSCI 1330 and 2300)
PSCI 3361, Public Policy Analysis (Prerequisites: PSCI 1330 and 2305)
PSCI 4300, Constitutional Law (Prerequisite: PSCI 1330)
PSCI 4301, Civil Liberties (Prerequisite: PSCI 1330)
PSCI 4335, The American Congress (Prerequisite: PSCI 1330)

Law & Society:  This concentration focuses on law in relation to various groups within society.

CRIM 3381, Police & Society (Prerequisite: CRIM 2300)
CRIM 3370, Criminology (Prerequisite: CRIM 2300)
SOC 4321, Social Policy Analysis (Prerequisite: SOC 1300)
CRIM 4355, Victimology (Prerequisite: CRIM 2300)
PHIL 3330, Philosophy of Law
PHIL 4350, Health Care Ethics
MCOM 3301, Media Law & Ethics (Prerequisite: JOUR 2300)

Law & Markets:  This concentration focuses on how the law influences business, economic, and financial institutions and their decision-making.

ACCT 3316, Individual Taxation (Prerequisite: ACCT 2330 with a C or better)
ACCT 4316, Advanced Income Tax (Prerequisite: ACCT 3316 with a C or better)
ACCT 4322, Legal Environment for Business II (Prerequisite: ACCT 2321)
ECON 3310, Public Finance
INSU/MGMT 4315, Employee Benefits
FINA 3323, Real Estate
HIST 4336, Work, Wealth, & Power in U.S. History

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