Degree Requirements and Checklists (Revised)

Major in International Studies – 33 credit hours

All students who declare a major in International Studies (BA degree) beginning in Fall 2022 will complete a total of thirty-three [33] credit hours, including the Core Requirements (12 credit hours), Experiential Learning Requirement (3 credit hours), and Concentration Requirements (18 credit hours).

In addition to the 33-credit hour major requirement, students pursuing a BA in International Studies are required to complete the UCA Lower-Division (LD) Core requirement (38 credit hours); complete the UCA Upper-Division (UD) Core requirement using major, minor, and other elective courses; complete a minor or a second major in another academic program; and complete a Related Course Requirement consisting of two foreign language courses at the 2000-level or higher (6 credit hours).

International Studies major checklist


Core Requirements (12 credit hours) – Students must complete the following courses:

  • PSCI 2300, Introduction to International Relations
  • PSCI 2312, Statistical Methods for Political Analysis or PSCI 2322 Political Science Applications in GIS
  • PSCI 2320, Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • ANTH 2300, Peoples and Cultures; ENGL 2305, World Literature I; ENGL 2306, World Literature II; GEOG 3300, World Regional Geography; or LING 2350, World Languages.


Experiential Learning Requirement (3 credit hours) – Students must complete one of the following experiential learning courses:

  • PSCI 4392, Internship in International Studies
  • PSCI 4393, Experiential Learning in International Studies (Travel/Study Abroad or Model United Nations)
  • PSCI 4394, Research in International Studies (Independent Study)


Concentration Requirements (18 credit hours) – Students must complete six upper-division elective courses (18 credit hours) within one of three different concentrations: (1) International Affairs & Security; (2) International Development & Globalization; and (3) Regional & Cultural Studies.  Students must complete at least two upper-division elective courses (six credit hours) from the political science course offerings.  See major checklist for a list of upper-division elective courses in each of the concentrations.



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