Mark Mullenbach

Associate Professor

Irby Hall, Room #217F

(501) 450-3412



Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Political Science, University of Arizona, 2001
— Dissertation: “Third-Party Interventions in Intrastate Disputes in the Twentieth Century
— Advisers: Dr. William J. Dixon, Dr. Gary Goertz, and Dr. Bradford S. Jones.

M.S., Political Science, Illinois State University, 1989

B.A., Political Science, Moorhead State University, 1988



Introduction to International Relations (on-campus and online)

United Nations & International Politics

International Law & Organizations

Governments & Politics of Europe and Russia

American Foreign Policy

Russian Foreign Policy

International Conflict & Conflict Management

China & International Politics

International Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism

Cyber Security Law & Policy



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2.  Mullenbach, Mark J. and Gerard P. Matthews. 2008. “Deciding to Intervene: An Analysis of International and Domestic Influences on United States Interventions in Intrastate Disputes,” International Interactions, vol. 34, pp. 25-52.

3.  Mullenbach, Mark J. and Jose E. Guzzardi. 2007/2008. “The Politics of Seeking a Permanent Seat on the United Nations Security Council: An Analysis of the Case of Japan,” Midsouth Political Science Review, vol. 9: pp. 35-73.

4.  Mullenbach, Mark J. 2006. “Reconstructing Strife-Torn Societies: Third Party Peacebuilding in Intrastate Disputes,” In Conflict Prevention and Peace-building in Post-War Societies: Sustaining the Peace, edited by T. David Mason and James D. Meernik, London and New York: Routledge, pp. 53-80.

5.  Mullenbach, Mark J. 2005. “Deciding to Keep Peace: An Analysis of International Influences on the Establishment of Third-Party Peacekeeping Missions,” International Studies Quarterly, vol. 49, pp. 529-555.



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