Dr. Michael Eric Dyson visits UCA

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, a best-selling author and sociology professor at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., visited UCA on Monday, April 15, 2019.  Dr. Tyson is the author of 19 books, including his most recent book What Truth Sounds Like.  Dr. Heather Yates, Assistant Professor of Political Science, held a “conversation” with Dr. Tyson on Monday afternoon (2:15pm-4:00pm).  Later that evening (7:00pm-9:00pm), Dr. Tyson gave a keynote address titled, “Fake News, Public Discourse, and Seeking Truth in America.”  UCA faculty, students, and the public were invited to attend both events held in McCastlain Hall Ballroom.  Dr. Tyson’s visit was sponsored by the UCA Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society and the UCA Department of Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology, as well as the UCA NAACP, UCA Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, UCA College of Liberal Arts, Office of the UCA Provost, and the UCA Foundation.