ASDP Mission

The Asian Studies Development Program (ASDP) is a joint program of the University of Hawai‘i and the East-West Center. It was initiated in 1990 to increase American understanding of the Asia-Pacific region through college and university faculty development. The twenty-first century has been characterized as the Pacific Century — a characterization that is as appropriate in the context of Asian economic crisis as it was in the context of Asian economic miracles. In an era of increasing interdependence and globalization, it is crucial that Americans understand the cultures and histories as well as contemporary social issues of Asia. To help meet this challenge, the East-West Center and the University of Hawai‘i established ASDP in cooperation with four national higher education associations.

The ASDP mission is to infuse Asian content and perspectives into the core curriculum at American two-year and four-year colleges and universities through programs that help faculty expand and refine their knowledge and teaching of Asia.  As a member of the Association of Regional Centers for Asian Studies, UCA’s Humanities and World Cultures Institute works with ASDP to promote Asian Studies at UCA and colleges and universities throughout the region and to enable faculty members to take advantage of the rich resources available through ASDP and its affiliated network of regional centers.

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