[1] Objectives

The major purpose of the MSE programs offered through the Department of Early Childhood and Special Education is to offer advanced preparation in assessment, planning, and instructional strategies to personnel working with school age children. MSE programs are standards based, designed around exemplary educational practices, and aligned with the Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks. Master programs are currently available in early childhood, reading and special education. Licensure program is available in gifted and talented.

[2] Guidelines for MSE in Reading

  1. In addition to the general application and GPA requirements of the UCA Graduate School, applicants must:
    • Submit a valid standard Arkansas educator license. Individuals who have an out-of-state educator license, please contact the department at (501)450-3172.
    • Submit two letters of reference from practicing professionals who can speak to the candidate’s knowledge, performance, dispositions, and capability to complete a master’s program.
  2. No more than three hours may be transferred from another institution of higher education. These three hours will be elective credit only and will not be considered as a substitution for any core requirement.
  3. The Program of Study must be filed prior to completion of 18 hours.
  4. Research Methods must be taken before the 12th hour.
  5. Application for participation in the Comprehensive Examination can only be filed after the completion of the 24th hour.
  6. Participation in the Comprehensive Examination can take place only during the final semester of study.
  7. Students must complete Praxis test for Reading Specialist and submit documentation of score prior to taking comprehensive exams.
  8. Students who fail the Reading Comprehensive Examination on the initial attempt may, after one semester has elapsed, apply for re-examination. This second attempt shall be the final opportunity to participate in the Reading Comprehensive Examination. Should the student fail the second attempt, the degree will not be awarded.
  9. Students who fail to apply after two years have elapsed since the initial unsuccessful attempt on the Reading Comprehensive Examination shall be denied application, and the degree will not be awarded.

Completion of the requirements for the Master’s in Reading and passing praxis scores will result in the candidate’s qualification to apply for certification as a reading specialist in the State of Arkansas.

Programs in the College of Education that lead to licensure relating to P–12 schools require a passing score on the appropriate Praxis exam(s) and satisfactory completion of all key assessments identified by the program area. Candidates cannot complete their program unless both of these criteria have been met.

[2.1] Continuous Enrollment Requirement

College of Education graduate students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment throughout their program of study until achieving program completion. Specifically, College of Education graduate students are expected to be enrolled in at least two of the three semesters in a given calendar year (Spring, Summer I or II, and Fall). If a student must take a time-out, the student is expected to notify his/her home department. If a student fails to register for more than one semester out of three in a given calendar year, he/she may be ineligible for readmission unless granted by the home department.

[3] Program of Study for Reading Graduate Candidates

Core Requirements (27 hours):

ECSE 6314 Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Difficulties
ECSE 6341 Language Arts in the Elementary School
ECSE 6342 Research and Literature in Reading
ECSE 6343 Practicum in Reading I (Early Literacy)
ECSE 6344 Practicum In Reading II (Middle Grades)
ECSE 6345 Organizing and Coaching the Reading Program
ECSE 6346 Children’s Reading and Book Selection
ECSE 6379 Reading in the Content Areas
LEAD 6321 Research Methods

Elective (3 hours):

ENGL 5361 Literature for Adolescents
LING 5310 Educational Linguistics
WLAN 5325 Second Language Acquisition or 5330 Second Language Assessment
ECSE 6306 Family, School, and Community Partnerships

Other courses may be used as electives if approved by advisor.

For more information on Gifted and Talented licensure course work contact the Department of Early Childhood and Special Education.

[4] Graduate Courses in Early Childhood and Special Education (ECSE)

Follow this link for ECSE course descriptions: course link.