Change Log

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More Recent Changes

Dates of individual changes are, as always, indicated parenthetically after the description of the change.

Corrected national recognition language for the Library Media and Information Technologies program (2018-02-13|jag)

Updated links to GRE and GMAT exam sites in the Admissions page. (2018-01-20|jag)

September 2015

Reintroduced the following statement – erroneously deleted – to core requirements in the MM program: “At least 50% of all music credit hours must be at the 6000 level.” (2015-09-22/jag)

Removed SLMA 6210 from Building Administration PMC in the SLMA program page (2015-09-17/jag)

September 2014

Corrected course number in Educational Leadership page, §7 (2014-09-22/jag)

January 2014

Recorded variable credit course numbers for LEAD courses The Research Endeavor, Major Area Research, Independent Readings and Research in Leadership (2014-01-09/jag).

Removed P-4 track from the MAT program page (2014-01-08/jag).

Corrected selectives list for PK–12 concentration in Educational Leadership (2014-01-08/jag).

Added missing information to the Business Administration program description related to English proficiency test scores for international students (2014-01-08/jag)

Corrected course list in Algorithms and Theory group, Applied Computing; elective lists in Health Sciences; description of admission process in Occupational Therapy; course descriptions in the Occupational Therapy course list; SLMA course list (2014-01-05/jag)

Clarified Music program description page per Graduate School information (2014-01-02/jag)

Corrected CSD program description page per Graduate School information (2014-01-02/jag).

November 2013

Removed phased out courses from DPT program PTHY 6340, PTHY 7208, and PTHY 6240 (2013-11-26/sm)

Incorporated new courses NUTR 6340, MBA 5331, and MBA 5333 (2013-11-18/sm)

September 2013

Restored missing PhD program information to the Physical Therapy programs page (2013-09-14 | jag)

Additional corrections, per Graduate School and respective departments: Health Sciences, Advanced Studies in Teacher Leadership, Graduate Courses in SLMA, Master of Arts in Teaching (2013-09-07 | jag)

Corrections to the following pages, per Graduate School: School Counseling, Graduate Courses in Counseling, Graduate Courses in Psychology, Psychology and Counseling, Spanish, Business Administration, History, Health Sciences, Educational Leadership, Graduate Courses in Educational Leadership, Digital Filmmaking, Community and Economic Development, General Requirements for Graduate Study (sec. 13), Graduate Courses in Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Graduate Courses in Occupational Therapy, Accountancy, (2013-09-01 – 04 | jag)

July 2013

Incorporated new courses LING 5320 and MBA 5334, updated general requirements for Second Master’s Degree or Graduate Certificate (2013-07-19 | sm)

Incorporated changes to the Occupational Therapy program description and the Occupational Therapy course descriptions (2013-07-07 | jag)

Incorporated AY 2012-2013 curriculum changes throughout (2013-07-04/06 | jag)

March 2013

General review, with numerous updates throughout (2013-03 | jag)

February 2013

Publication of the UCA Graduate Bulletin, Annual Issue 2013–2014 (2013-02 | jag)

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