School Counseling

[1] Master of Science in School Counseling Program Description

The Master of Science degree in School Counseling (SCCN) is designed to prepare individuals for school counseling programs in P-12 settings and as members of school leadership teams. The program is approved by the Arkansas Department of Education.

[2] Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School, students must apply for the School Counseling program. The application process includes submitting letters of recommendation from professional colleagues familiar with your competence as an educator. An interview may be required. GRE (General Section) or Praxis I or verification of a valid standard educator license is required before full admission can be granted.

[3] Admission to Candidacy

Students must apply for admission to candidacy when no fewer than nine and no more than 18 semester hours in the degree program have been successfully completed.

[4] Residency Credit

Students must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours at the University of Central Arkansas.  Both the practicum and internship must be completed at the University of Central Arkansas.

[5] Transfer Credit

No more than 12 semester hours of credit with grade “B” or above earned at another institution may be applied to the degree requirements.  To be considered for transfer, the semester hours must have been awarded by a state and regionally accredited institution and must complement the student’s approved program of study.  Acceptance of transfer credit does not reduce the minimum residency requirement.

[6] Degree Requirements

A.  Graduate degree program grade point average of 3.00 or above;

B.  Completion of practicum and internship courses with a grade of B or above;

C.  Completion of practicum and internship courses in residence;

D.  Successful completion of the comprehensive examination (Must be completed prior to enrollment in the internship.);

E.   Maximum of nine hours of grade of C are allowable (See item B above.);

F.   Satisfactory completion of the state mandated test for school counselors (Note: Candidates employed in states other   than Arkansas should consult with the Leadership Studies department chair or program coordinator.); and,

G.   Required courses: SCCN 6320, 6330, 6340, 6350, 6360, 6365, 6375, 6380, 6390, 6695; SLMA 6312; COUN 6360;  PSYC 6335, 6354, 6370.  (Total hours – 48)

H.    Programs in the COE that lead to licensure relating to P-12 schools require a passing score on the appropriate Praxis exam(s) and satisfactory completion of all key assessments identified by the program area.  Candidates cannot complete their program unless both of these criteria have been met.

[7] Arkansas License for School Counselors

Candidates must meet the Arkansas Department of Education requirements to be recommended for a school counselor’s license by the Department of Leadership Studies.

Follow this link for School Counseling course descriptions: course link.