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More Recent Changes

Date of individual changes are, as always, indicated parenthetically after the description of the change.

Corrected national recognition information about the Library Media and Information Technologies program (2018-02-13|jag)

Updated links to GRE and GMAT exam sites in the Admissions page (2018-01-20|jag)

September 2014

Corrected course number in Educational Leadership page, §7 (2014-09-22 | jag)

September 2013

Restored missing PhD program information to the Physical Therapy programs page (2013-09-14 | jag)

March 2013

Updated menus and reference conventions (2013-03-17 | jag)

February 2013

Republication of the Graduate Bulletin 2012–2013 (originally published as a biennial issue, 2011–2013) (jag)

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