School Counseling

Program Contacts

Louis Nadelson, PhD: Department Chair
Telephone: (501) 450-3282 | Email:

Valerie Couture, PhD: Graduate Program Coordinator
Telephone: (501) 450-5209 or (501) 450-3282 | Email:

[1] Program Description

The Master of Science degree in School Counseling (SCCN) is designed to prepare individuals for school counseling programs in K-12 settings and as members of school leadership teams. The program is approved by the Arkansas Department of Education. Candidates must be admitted to one of two tracks: An Add-On Track for those who hold a valid Arkansas teaching license and seek to add this license to their teaching license and the Initial License Track for those who do not hold a valid Arkansas teaching license.

[2] Admission Requirements: Both Tracks (full admission)

Both Tracks (full admission)

  1. Meet the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School.
  2. Submit the school counseling application form.
  3. Provide two professional references.
  4. Provide a statement of intent (purpose for becoming a school counselor).
  5. If requested, submit supporting evidence to document professional accomplishments potential. This evidence may be documented via letters of recommendations and/or personal interviews.
  6. Submit a completed Program Recommendation by Administrator Form from their principal or superintendent stating his/her understanding that the student (his/her employee) will be completing field work and assignments in their classroom and school. If the applicant is not currently teaching, they will indicate this on the form.

[3] Retention Requirements

Both Tracks

Retention is contingent upon making satisfactory academic progress toward the degree. Violations of the state ethics mandates for P–12 educators, and/or violations of UCA student academic conduct policies may result in suspension or dismissal from the program.

Initial Licensure Track

Complete and submit results from an appropriate background check either prior to enrolling or before the first course requiring a field experience. Contact the Department of Leadership Studies for information on the appropriate screening process. A minimal cost is associated with this screening.

[4] Residence Credit

Candidates must meet the Graduate School policy of 24 credit hours. Both the practicum and internship must be completed at the University of Central Arkansas.

[5] Transfer Credit

Candidates are referred to the following parts of this bulletin for details: section 7 of the Admission to Graduate Study page and section 13 of the General Requirements for Graduate Study page.

[6] Degree Requirements

  1. Complete all required coursework with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above. (Required courses are listed below.)
  2. Complete practicum and internship courses with a grade of B or above.
  3. Complete practicum and internship courses in residence.
  4. Complete the program with no more than nine hours of grade of C (see item 2 above).
  5. Complete satisfactorily either the state-mandated licensure test or the program-developed alternative assessment.
  6. Required courses (45 semester credit hours for add-on licensure; 48 semester credit hours for initial licensure):
    SCCN 6320 Foundations of School Counseling
    SCCN 6324 Lifespan Development for School Counselors
    SCCN 6330 Multicultural Counseling in Schools
    SCCN 6332 Counselors and Schooling Practices (only for students seeking initial licensure)
    SCCN 6340 Career Guidance for School Counselors
    SCCN 6360 School Counselor as Consultant
    SCCN 6365 Educational Assessment and Measurement
    SCCN 6380 School Counseling Intervention Strategies
    SCCN 6390 School Counseling Practicum
    SCCN 6695 Internship
    LEAD 6320 Counseling Theory in K-20 Education
    LEAD 6321 Research Methods
    LEAD 6330 Individual and Group Counseling in the K-20 Education Environment
    ELSE 6366 Educational Programming for Students with Mild Disabilities K–12 or PSYC 6335 Identification and Remediation of Learning Problems
    SLMA 6325 Visionary Leadership: Building a Culture of Trust and High Expectations

    Initial Licensure Required Course: All initial licensure candidates will have an additional three-hour course: SCCN 6332 Counselors and Schooling Practices.

    All course substitutions including transfer courses must be approved by the program coordinator and department chair.

[7] Arkansas License for School Counselors

  1. In addition to program requirements, all candidates must meet the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) requirements to be recommended for a school counselor’s license by the Department of Leadership Studies. Currently, ADE requires the Professional School Counselors examination.
  2. Initial licensure candidates must meet additional requirements established by the Arkansas Department of Education. Contact the Program Coordinator and/or the Office of Candidate Services for a list of these requirements. Initial licensure candidates must obtain passing scores on a summative assessment in SCCN 6332 to show proficiency in pedagogy.

[8] Graduate Course Links

[8.1] Courses in School Counseling (SCCN)

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[8.2] Courses in Other Areas (ELSE, LEAD, PSYC, SLMA)

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