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[1] Graduate Courses in Psychology (PSYC)

6V42 INTERNSHIP IN PSYCHOLOGY (Variable credit: 3 or 6 credit hours.) Prerequisite: 54 semester hours in school psychology or 57 semester hours in counseling psychology. Successful completion of comprehensive examinations.

6310 ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Examines the learning process with special emphasis upon learning and motivation in school settings.

6311 PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHODIAGNOSIS Addresses the integration and formal reporting of clinical data and translation of data into psychological concepts. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

6313 PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT I Provides knowledge and skills in the psychoeducational evaluation of children, adolescents, and adults including assessment-related standards, ethics, and report writing. Emphasizes intellectual assessment. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor required.

6314 PSYCHOPATHOLOGY Surveys behavior disorders, their origins, diagnostic criteria, clinical correlates, and treatment. Prerequisite: PSYC 4320 or 5320.

6315 APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS Provides knowledge and skills in functional behavioral assessment and intervention.

6316 PSYCHOPATHOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS IN CHILDHOOD Surveys the etiology, assessment, and treatment of child psychopathology and developmental disorders in children. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

6325 DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF ADDICTIONS Examines the theoretical, research, and treatment issues in the major addictions.

6330 ADVANCED PSYCHOLOGICAL STATISTICS Provides an overview of statistics, focusing on how to conduct and interpret various statistical tests. Descriptive and inferential statistics are covered. Prerequisite: PSYC 2330.

6331 RESEARCH DESIGN Covers the design and analysis of educational and psychological research. Prerequisite: PSYC 6330.

6332 SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICUM I Engages the student in a wide range of school psychological services under supervision.

6333 SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICUM II A continuation of School Psychology Practicum I. Prerequisite: PSYC 6332.

6335 IDENTIFICATION AND REMEDIATION OF LEARNING PROBLEMS Surveys issues and procedures regarding the diagnosis and remediation of learning problems.

6345 PSYCHOLOGY OF THE GIFTED CHILD Examines the characteristics, psychological growth, and development of gifted children. Consideration is given to research, problems of identification, and educational programs intended to meet their special needs. Addresses issues concerning the social and emotional needs of the gifted. Prerequisite: CHED 6353 or consent of instructor.

6350 HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY Acquaints the student with important historical contributors to the field of psychology.

6354 THEORIES OF PSYCHOTHERAPY AND COUNSELING Provides an overview of the major theoretical approaches to psychotherapy, including a critical evaluation of each theory.

6355 MULTICULTURAL ISSUES IN PSYCHOLOGY AND COUNSELING Addresses psychology/counseling implications of societal changes and trends, human roles, societal subgroups, social mores and interaction patterns, and differing life styles. Prerequisite: PSYC 6354.

6356 GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY AND COUNSELING Covers theory and practice of group psychotherapy and counseling. Prerequisite: PSYC 6354.

6360 ORGANIZATION AND OPERATION OF THE SCHOOLS: IMPLICATIONS FOR SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGISTS Examines the impact of school climate, culture, and organization on the practice of school psychology. Designed for school psychology doctoral students; elective for other graduate students. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

6361 RESEARCH LAB IN PSYCHOLOGY AND COUNSELING Requires at least 80 clock hours of research lab/project experience under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated for up to 9 credit hours. Prerequisite: Consent of advisor.

6362 SPECIAL TOPICS IN PSYCHOLOGY AND COUNSELING Special topics will cover different areas of interests and needs within the program. May be repeated for up to 9 credit hours. Prerequisite: Consent of advisor.

6363 FOUNDATIONS OF SOCIAL AND AFFECTIVE PSYCHOLOGY Surveys classic and contemporary research on how we perceive, influence, and relate to others, including the topics of attribution, persuasion, attraction, and prejudice; emphasizes empirically identified processes underlying social cognition and behavior. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

6370 ADVANCED DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY Provides further study into the theoretical and applied aspects of life span development.

6371 PSYCHOSOCIAL FACTORS IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT Analyzes social, psychological, and economic factors and the impact on the development of young children.

6372 PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY Focuses on the affective, behavioral, and cognitive effects of therapeutic and recreational drugs, including consequences of long-term use. Discussions of research methods and nervous system physiology are important components of the course.

6373 CONSULTATION AND SUPERVISION IN PSYCHOLOGY Provides knowledge and skills in individual and systems-level consultation and supervision.

6375 PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY Covers the history, roles, and functions of school psychologists.

6376 PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT II Provides a continuation of Psychoeducational Assessment I with emphasis on special populations, problems, and procedures. Prerequisite: PSYC 6313.

6379 PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT Provides theoretical background and practical experience in the administration, scoring, and interpretation of the major objective and projective personality tests. Prerequisite: PSYC 2330 and PSYC 4320.

6381 ADVANCED STUDY OF THE PERSONALITY Involves the study of the personality from a research viewpoint with emphasis on contemporary views. Prerequisite: PSYC 4300 and PSYC 5320 or PSYC 6314.

6393 MARITAL AND FAMILY THERAPY Surveys major issues and theoretical approaches in marital and family therapy. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

6398 LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN PSYCHOLOGY AND COUNSELING Covers ethical and legal issues in psychology and counseling.

6643 THESIS Prerequisite: Consent of advisor and department chair.

7V41 DOCTORAL RESEARCH SEMINAR IN PSYCHOLOGY (Variable credit: 1-3 credit hours.) Addresses issues related to research in professional psychology.

7V65 DOCTORAL PRACTICUM IN COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY (Variable credit: 1-6 credit hours.) Supervised counseling experiences in professional psychology planned in accordance with the departmental Counseling Psychology Handbook. A minimum of 150 hours is required per semester.

7305 DOCTORAL PRACTICUM IN SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY I Provides advanced, supervised field experience in the practice of school psychology. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

7306 DOCTORAL PRACTICUM IN SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY II Provides continuation of Doctoral Practicum in School Psychology I. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

7307 DOCTORAL PRACTICUM IN SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY III This class is a continuation of P7305: Doctoral Practicum in School Psychology I and P7306: Doctoral Practicum II. It provides candidates with advanced, supervised field experience in the practice of school psychology.

7310 BEHAVIORAL AND EMOTIONAL ASSESSMENT OF CHILDREN An elective for graduate students in the school psychology programs and for graduate students in other psychology programs who have passed Psychoeducational Assessment I. This course will enable students to develop their practical skills in the measurement, evaluation, and diagnosis of behavioral and emotional problems for children and adolescents and in the administration, scoring and interpretation of various individual objective and projective personality measures, rating scales, functional behavior assessment, and diagnostic interviews.

7312 LEARNING AND COGNITION Examines the major principles and theories of learning and cognition.

7315 APPLICATION OF GENERAL LINEAR MODELS TO EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Covers the analysis of factorial, noise-reducing, and multivariate experimental designs through use of linear models. Prerequisites: PSYC 6330 or equivalent and PSYC 6331.

7320 REGRESSION AND MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS Covers multiple regression and related multivariate analyses commonly used in the behavioral sciences. Prerequisites: PSYC 6330, PSYC 6331.

7325 PHYSIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY Surveys techniques of investigation in physiological psychology, the structure and function of nerves, muscles, and endocrine glands, and the biological/physiological basis of behavior.

7330 RESEARCH AND GRANT WRITING Covers the fundamentals of obtaining external funding for research and intervention programs, including grant-writing techniques for private and government funding. Prerequisite: Enrollment in school psychology doctoral program and consent of Program Director.

7335 PROGRAM EVALUATION IN SCHOOL, COMMUNITY, AND MENTAL HEALTH SETTINGS Addresses program evaluation in school, community, and mental health settings, including practical applications of methods to plan, implement, and evaluate educational and mental health programs. Prerequisite: Designed for third-year doctoral students in school psychology; graduate courses in statistics and research design.

7350 PRACTICUM IN TEACHING PSYCHOLOGY The purpose of this course is to prepare individuals to teach psychology at the university level. Students will learn how to use effective pedagogy, use technology in teaching, develop a teaching philosophy, develop a syllabus, develop lesson plans, foster effective teacher/student relationships, respond effectively to problem behaviors, deliver lectures, and design assessment tools.

7360 FOUNDATIONS OF COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY Introduction to the specialty of counseling psychology, including the history, philosophical bases, and current and emerging directions. Emphasis on critically reviewing literature in the field and examining psychologist roles and functions.

7361 PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENTS AND METHODS Advanced study of empirically supported treatment approaches to a variety of disorders. Examines the theoretical, empirical, and technical aspects of specific psychological treatments.

8305 PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL INTERVENTION I The first course in a two-course examination of psychoeducational interventions. Covers empirically supported interventions for a variety of school-related problems, including interventions aimed at schools, classrooms, and individual students; emphasizes academic interventions. Prerequisite: Designed for third-year doctoral students in school psychology.

8310 PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL INTERVENTION II Continues Psychoeducational Intervention I; emphasizes therapeutic, social-behavioral interventions. Prerequisite: Designed for third-year doctoral students in school psychology.

8315 CHILD MENTAL HEALTH PROMOTION AND PRIMARY PREVENTION Surveys prevention and health promotion programs pertaining to child mental health.

8320 INTEGRATED HEALTH CARE IN THE COMMUNITY This course will introduce students to the provision of integrated health-care and prevention services in the community, including rural and underserved areas. Students will gain knowledge and skills needed to integrate psychological services in the context of primary health care. Prerequisites: COUN 6381 and 6382.

9V10 DISSERTATION IN PSYCHOLOGY (Variable credit: 1-9 credit hours.) Requires students to carry out an original research project with the approval of their advisors and dissertation committee, and to present an oral defense of the research to the dissertation committee at the time of completion. Students must continue to enroll in the dissertation course until all related requirements are successfully completed. Prerequisite: Successful completion of comprehensive examinations and admission to candidacy.

9605 DOCTORAL INTERNSHIP IN PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Provides doctoral students with full-time direct supervised experience in the professional practice of psychology. Prerequisite: Successful completion of pre-internship requirements including comprehensive examinations.

9606 DOCTORAL INTERNSHIP IN PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Continues PSYC 9605. Provides doctoral students with full-time direct supervised experience in the professional practice of psychology. Prerequisite: Successful completion of pre-internship requirements including comprehensive examinations.