Sports Psychology Minor

Sports Psychology is a growing area of interdisciplinary professional practice in the United States.  Professionals working in sports psychology settings are expected to have an understanding of both the psychological and physical aspects of sports performance. This minor will expose students to the two different perspectives on sports performance, as well as, the knowledge and skills to work with health professionals from diverse backgrounds.  These abilities are critical to success in the highly diverse and integrated landscape of modern health care services.

If you are interested in the Sports Psychology minor, please contact your advisor.


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The minor in Sports Psychology requires 21 hours (3 hours of prerequisites that may also count towards the lower-division core and 18 hours of course work from the PSYC, NUTR, BIOL, and EXSS departments).

Required Prerequisite

PSYC 1300 General Psychology [ACTS: PSYC1103]

Note: Psychology majors must take one additional 3-credit psychology course to substitute for the PSYC 1300 prerequisite because PSYC 1300 must be used for the psychology major.

Note: This prerequisite may count as the social science course for the critical inquiry component of the UCA Core lower-division requirement in addition to a minor requirement.

Other Required Courses

PSYC 3370 Sport Psychology

One of the following courses below. Courses must not be required for the major field of study. The remaining class can be taken as an elective.

EXSS 4395 Sport in American Society
SOC 3330 Sociology of Sports

Elective Courses

Choose 12 hours from the following electives. Courses must not be required for major field of study; Psychology majors cannot take more than two PSYC courses.

BIOL 2405 Human Anatomy and Physiology
EXSS 2340 Motor Development and Learning
EXSS 3331 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
NUTR 4315 Sports Nutrition
PSYC 2370 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 3305 Health Psychology
PSYC 3360 Social Psychology
PSYC 3351 Psychology of Learning
PSYC 4300 Personality Psychology
PSYC 4351 Applied Behavior Analysis

Students who complete a BA/BS degree in Psychology can minor in Sports Psychology, but PSYC courses used for the major will not also count for the minor.