Stefanie Sorbet, Ed.D.

Associate Professor

Mashburn 134

(501) 450-5444

Educational Background

2018 Ed.D., Southeastern Louisiana University Educational Leadership

2013 Reading Specialist, Southeastern Louisiana University Add-on certification

2000 M.Ed., Southeastern Louisiana University Curriculum and Instruction in
Elementary Education

1999 B.A., Southeastern Louisiana University Elementary Education Grades 1-8


Teaching Field Specialization

ELSE 4309 Positive Classroom Environment
ELSE 4310 Junior Block Practicum,
ELSE 4319 challenging behavior
SPED 6304, ELSE 3301
ELSE 4318
Educational leadership courses,
I also have taught educational psychology, literacy intervention, elementary and secondary children’s literature and elementary literacy methods at a previous institution.


Research Interests and Areas

Sorbet, S. R., & Notar, C. E. (2022). Social and emotional learning: Meeting and addressing educator and student concerns while providing benefits for all involved. Social Science, Humanities and Sustainability Research, 3(3), 95-115.

Sorbet, S. R. (2022). Building a Social and Emotional Learning Community for Our Students. Faculty Focus. Magma Publications/Faculty Focus. April 2022.

Sorbet, S., Kohler-Evans, P., Calhoon, K., & Wake, D. Forming the Foundation establishing a support for all new teachers. MSERA New Orleans, LA. (November 2021)
Sorbet, S. Positive Classroom Design and Social-Emotional Learning. MSERA. New Orleans, LA. (November 2021).


Specialty Areas

Positive classroom design and SEL

classroom management procedures and organization of the elementary classroom

novice teacher training and retention

supporting novice teachers

social and emotional well being of new teachers

SEL taught in elementary classrooms