Lisa Herrington, MSE

Senior Clinical Instructor

Mashburn 136

(501) 450-5442

Educational Background

M.S.E. University of Central Arkansas, Special Education (K-12)

B.S.E. University of Central Arkansas, Elementary Education (K-6)

Teaching Field Specialization

ELSE 2300 Child Development
ELSE 3305 Child and Young Adult Lit
ELSE 4320 Elementary Reading Methods
ELSE 6347 Introduction to Dyslexia and the Language
ELSE 6348 Multisensory Approach to Language I
ELSE 6349 Multisensory Approach to Language II
ELSE 6341 Early Literacy and Intervention
ELSE 6379 Multicultural and Diverse Literacy
ELSE 6346 Adolescent Literacy and Intervention


Research Interests and Areas

Using Multisensory Strategies to Teach Reading Comprehension

Understanding Dyslexia and Remediation

Use of Book Creator, Seesaw, and Nearpod in the Classroom

Specialty Areas

Using the Science of Teaching Reading

Dyslexia Interventions

Mentoring First Year Teachers

Reading Comprehension



Child and Young Adult Literature