Scholarship Compliance

The Compliance Office has many responsibilities relating to administration of university scholarships, including:

  • Assisting in the creation of University scholarship policies and procedures
  • Providing information on scholarship offers, enrollment, etc. to management for decision-making
  • Ensuring appropriate procedures are in place for departmental/performance, other, international, and restricted scholarships and that awards are made consistent with guidelines
  • The Director of Compliance for Finance & Administration chairs the Scholarship Committee
  • Reviewing eligibility for academic scholarship awards and renewals
  • Collecting scholarship data to assist with future offers and budgeting
  • Working with the Office of Student Financial Aid on scholarship communication and awards
  • Completing and submitting the Arkansas Department of Higher Education Series 30 Report

If you have any questions regarding our role in these or other areas, please contact us.  We continuously strive to improve and welcome any feedback you may have.