University Calendar Committee

Charge: To review and make recommendations for a rolling three-year academic calendar.

Membership: Registrar (permanent chair), Director of Housing (permanent member), one faculty member from each college (appointed by Faculty Senate to staggered three-year terms), one staff member (appointed by the Staff Senate to a two-year term), one student (appointed by Student Government Association to one-year term).


Member Term Title
Vicky Summers Permanent Chair Registrar
Stephanie McBrayer Permanent Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Stacy Lom (CAHSS) 2024 Faculty Senate Appointment
Nolan Carter (CNSM) 2024 Faculty Senate Appointment
Rhonda McClellan (COE) 2026 Faculty Senate Appointment
Laci Lyons (COB) 2026 Faculty Senate Appointment
Carla Gilbreath (CHBS) 2026 Faculty Senate Appointment
Nadia Eslinger 2022 Staff Senate Appointment
2022 SGA Appointment

Meetings: on call
Reports to: Provost


Minutes November 2015

Minutes April 2017

Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees

Page last updated: June 30, 2022