Resources for Students

2022 Determined Constituent Guide

The Determined Constituent Guide contains nonpartisan information about how Arkansas residents can connect with elected officials at the state level. For more information, visit

Preparing for the Polls

The panel discussion below was hosted by UCA’s Vote Everywhere ambassadors on April 7th, 2022 to inform students and other first-time voters on what to expect from the voting process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Voting

Voting is just one form of civic engagement you can participate in and a pretty important one. Voting allows you to have a say on the issues that impact your community and is a fundamental step toward seeing the policy points we agree with come to fruition! You can learn why voting matters to your major through the Your Major on the Ballot tool from Ask Every Student.
To check your voter registration status (if you are registered in Arkansas) is on through Voter View. Voter View shows you not only if you are registered, but will also give you a sample ballot and tell you your voting locations!
Requesting a mail-in ballot is not a complicated process. This presentation has all the information you need on how to request a mail-in ballot for Arkansas!
College students may choose whether to vote in the county of their permanent address, or in the county where they attend college. The deadline to register for the November 2022 election is October 11th. Students who live on campus should use the address 201 Donaghey Ave. as their physical address, and should make sure to also include a mailing address on the voter registration form. You can fill and print a form with the campus address at MyVoteEverywhere.
Activote is a great resource that allows individuals to take a quiz about a variety of policy issues. At the conclusion, it gives information regarding your composite stances on policy issues, which candidates agree with your views, and which political party most aligns with your views.
Visit Voter View to look up the sample ballot for your voter registration address. You’ll be able to see all the candidates and issues that are on the ballot this election season, and confirm your voter registration status and voter registration address while you’re there. You can also visit the UAEX Voter Guide to get a nonpartisan overview of the issues on the ballot in 2022.
It’s important to know about the policy positions of the candidates you will be voting on, and Activote is a great place to learn more!