Technology Resources

The Technology Learning Center seeks to provide students, faculty, and staff with resources on current technology used both inside and outside education.

For additional technology support or suggestions for technology resources, please contact the TLC Help Desk at (501) 450-3400 or

Chalk and Wire

Chalk and Wire Website:

Candidates should purchase a subscription to Chalk and Wire as indicated by their professors. Chalk and Wire subscription codes can be purchased through The UCA Bookstore.

Please contact the Technology Learning Center Help Desk by e-mail at or by phone at (501) 450-3400 for assistance.

Please visit the Chalk and Wire Help Site for helpful user guides and webinars to get you started.

Field Placement Hour Entry Instructions

How to Add the C&W Orientation Course in Blackboard

Video Editing and Conversion

Edit Video with YouTube

Editing a Video for Chalk and Wire

Video Compression for Chalk and Wire

Video Compression on an iPhone/iPad

Video Compression for Chromebook

Uploading Video to Google Drive, Sharing, & Submitting the Link in Chalk and Wire

Working with Video – Frequently Asked Questions

Windows Movie Maker Tutorial – Windows 7

YouTube Tutorials

Video Compression Guide (using Handbrake)

Video Rotation Guide (using Movie Maker)

Uploading Video to Chalk and Wire


Windows Movie Maker Download

HandBrake Download

VLC Media Player Download

Miscellaneous Guides

Temporarily Rotate a Video 90 degrees with VLC Media Player (for viewing only)

Permanently Rotate a Video 90 degrees with Windows Live Movie Maker

Permanently Rotate or Flip a video with iMovie ’11