Required Immunizations/Vaccines

In accordance with Arkansas State Law Act 141 of 1987, and revised Arkansas Department of Health Immunization Rules and Regulations revised 2014, all students are REQUIRED:


I.    To attend UCA as a student who will be on campus for classes or any other UCA               activity, 1 of 4 conditions must be met to be admitted to UCA as a student:

       a. proof of proper immunization

       b. proof of immunity

       c. possessing a valid medical or non-medical exemption (waiver)

       d. being born before 1957


II.    For incoming freshman and foreign-born students, 2 doses of the MMR vaccine are         required.


III.   For all other students, 1 dose of the MMR vaccine is required.


IV.   In accordance with the Arkansas State Board of Health Rules and Regulations                 Section III C2, proof of 1 of the following must be provided within 30 calendar days         after enrollment.

       a. “Acceptable proof of immunization” is an official immunization record from                      another educational institution in Arkansas, a licensed medical doctor, or an                    authorized public health representative, or military service.

       b. In lieu of receiving the vaccine, immunity can be shown by providing                                 documented evidence (such as a letter from the Arkansas Department of Health               approving serology as proof of immunity) or appropriate serological testing.

       c. Proof that the student has applied for or received a medical or non-medical                       exemption  (waiver)  for those vaccines he/she has not received will be                            accepted in lieu of receiving vaccine.

       d. Proof that the student was born prior to January 1, 1957, will be accepted in lieu             of receiving vaccine.


V.    Incoming freshman or foreign-born students may temporarily be admitted to UCA           who are in the process of receiving the required 2 doses of MMR vaccine. “In the             process” means the student has received at least one dose of the required                       immunizations and is waiting the minimum time interval to receive the additional             dose. When a student is admitted who is in the process of completing the required         minimum immunizations, the student must complete the required dose on                         schedule. A written statement from a public health nurse or private physician                   stating that the student is in the process and containing a date when he/she must           return for the next immunization shall be in the students file. If a student does not           produce documentation of the additional immunization per the schedule, or show           proof that he/she has applied for an exemption from the immunization                               requirements, he/she must be excluded from UCA until documentation is provided.


VI.   A “freshman” is defined as a student who has not earned 30 hours of college                   credit.


VII.  A “foreign-born student” is defined as any student born outside the United States           of America.


VIII. Students who receive their education by correspondence (distance education) and          do not attend any classes (or activities) on campus are not required to receive the          MMR vaccine.


IX.    Enforcement of these requirements by UCA will be as follows:

        a. For undergraduate students, the admissions office will collect the immunization              documentation for incoming students and will indicate in Banner whether the                  student is properly immunized or not.

        b. The admissions office will then send a hard copy of the immunization record for               each incoming student to the Student Health Clinic (SHC). The SHC will                             enter the students’ immunization status in the EMR and will scan in a hard copy               of the immunization records/or waiver.

        c. The SHC will compile a list of students with incomplete immunization                                documentation at the beginning of each semester.

              i.   The SHC will e-mail the students at least once requesting their immunization records.

              ii.  The SHC will notify International Engagement of any international students whose                                  documentation is lacking to request their help in notifying the international student of                          this deficiency

              iii.  If after 30 days, any student has not provided the proper documentation or has not                              received the appropriate vaccination in lieu of providing the proper records, this list of                        students will be forwarded to the Dean of Students for further action.


Recommended Immunizations/Vaccines

The following are immunizations for incoming college students as RECOMMENDED by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American College Health Association (ACHA).  Vaccine-preventable diseases continue to occur on American campuses and this can be a good time to update any immunizations to help prevent these diseases.

These are NOT REQUIRED but recommended (click on the vaccine for more information):


For more detailed information about Immunizations and Vaccines go to