AMUN Committee Topics (2001-present)


Special Political Committee (SPECPOL)

Post-Conflict Peacebuilding (2001)
9/11 and Global Terrorism (2001)
Elections and Election Monitoring (2002)
Ethnic/Religious Violence (2002)
Economic and Military Sanctions (2002)
Nuclear Weapons Disarmament (2003)
Small Arms in Conflict Zones (2003)
Regional Security Regimes (2003)
International Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Efforts in S.E. Europe (2004)
Kurdish Question (2004)
Construction of the Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (2004)
Narcoterrorism (2005)
Role of the Private Sector in Conflicts, Conflict Management, and Peacebuilding (2005)
Political Instability, Secessionist Movements, and Civil War (2005)
Reform of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (2006)
Promotion of Human Rights Standards (2006)
Sustaining Democracy in Developing Countries (2006)
Enhancing the Effectiveness of UN and Regional Peacekeeping Missions (2007)
Proliferation of Small Arms & Light Weapons (2007)
Landmines (2007)
Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Weapons in Outer Space (2008)
Terrorism and the Practice of Extra-Ordinary Rendition (2008)
Territorial Integrity and Separatist Groups (2008)
Reducing Global Military Expenditures and Weapons Sales (2009)
Restructuring the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and Reforming the UNSC’s “Veto Power” (2009)
Global Responsibility for Administration of and Peacekeeping in “Failed States” (2009)
Civil/Political Rights of Women and Minorities in the Political Systems and Governments of UN member-states (2010)
Universal Nuclear Weapons Disarmament in the 21st Century (2010)
Cyber-Terrorism and Cyber-Warfare in the 21st Century (2010)
National Government Control Over and Manipulation of the Internet (2011)
The Role of Social Networking and the Media in Promoting Global Instability and Revolution (2011)
Establishing Universal Standards for Democracy and Democratic Governance (2011)


Legal Committee (LEGCOM)

ICC and War Crimes (2001)
Cambodia and War Crimes (2001)
Globalization of Legal Standards/Norms (2002)
United Nations Court of Human Rights (2002)
"War Against Terrorism" and Detainees (2002)
International Law and the Use of Military Force (2003)
International Law and Human Cloning (2003)
Terrorism, Military Aggression, and War Crimes (2003)
Treatment of "Enemy Combatants" and International Law (2004)
Relationship between National Courts and the ICC (2004)
International Law and the Prosecution of Crimes Against Humanity (2004)
Humanitarian Intervention and the Global "Norm of Non-Intervention" (2005)
The "Doctrine of Preemptive War" and International Law (2005)
International Law and the Prosecution of Crimes Against Humanity in the Darfur Region of Sudan (2005)
Drug Crimes and Punishment (2006)
International Legal Protections for Detainees (2006)
International Law and Non-State Actors (2006)
Capital Punishment (2007)
Corruption (2007)
Internet Crime (2007)
Defining "Terrorism" under International Law (2008)
State-Sponsorship of Terrorism and Terrorist Groups (2008)
Regional Human Rights Regimes, Law, and Courts (2008)
Enforcement of International Criminal Court (ICC) Decisions and Rulings regarding Suspected War Criminals (2009)
Legality or Illegality of “Enhanced Interrogation” Techniques in the Global War on Terrorism (2009)
Legality or Illegality of the Disproportionate Uses of Military Force (2009)
Discrimination in the Implementation of the Death Penalty in UN Member-States that have not Abolished Capital Punishment (2010)
Investigation of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity Committed in Iraq since March 2003 (2010)
International Law of War in the 21st Century (2010)
Prosecution of Maritime Piracy and National/International Legal Jurisdiction (2011)
Role of International Law and Norms in National Legal Systems and Courts (2011)
Global Ban on Trade (Exports and Imports) Involving Lethal Injection Drugs (2011)


Social and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM)

Transnational Crime (2001)
Drug Cartels (2001)
HIV/AIDs Crisis in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa (2002)
Refugees, Internally-Displaced Persons (IDPs), and Civil Conflicts (2002)
Immunizations in Developing Countries (2002)
International Drug Control (2003)
International Adoptions (2003)
Developing Countries and the Environment (2003)
Gender-Based Human Rights Violations (2004)
Refugee and Humanitarian Crises in Africa Caused by Civil War (2004)
Globalization's Threat to Indigenous Cultures, Languages, and Traditions (2004)
Prisons and Human Rights Abuses in Developed and Developing Countries (2005)
Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights (2005)
Global Response to Natural Disasters (2006)
"Child Soldiers" in the Military (2006)
Participation of Women in Politics and Government Decision-Making (2006)
Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Use/Addiction (2007)
Spread of Infectious Diseases (2007)
Humanitarian Crisis in the Darfur Region of Sudan (2007)
Industrial Pollution and Health Problems (2008)
Globalization and the Threat to Cultural Identity (2008)
Global Population Control and Maternal Rights (2008)
Reducing Child Mortality (Goal #4 of the Millennium Development Goals) (2009)
Rising Food Prices and the Global Food Crisis (2009)
Additional Protection of World Cultural and Natural Sites (2009)
Achieve Universal Primary Education (Goal #2 of the Millennium Development Goals) (2010)
Establishing a UN “Global Food Reserve” to Deal with Food Shortages in UN Member-States (2010)
Humanitarian Crisis for Civilians Adversely Affected by Violence in War-Torn Areas, including in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Sudan (2010)
HIV/AIDS, Children, and Youth Adults (2011)
Primary Education in the Developing World: Inequality, Education Quality, and Financing (2011)
Youth and Young Adult Unemployment around the World (2011)


Economic and Finance Committee (ECOFIN)

World Trade Organization (WTO) and Globalization (2001)
Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) (2001)
Human Rights Conditions and International Trade (2002)
Economic Globalization and Poverty (2002)
Debt Reduction and Developing Countries (2002)
Regional Trade Organizations (2003)
Economic Impact of HIV/AIDs (2003)
International Finance and Terrorism (2003)
Internet Governance (2004)
Reconstruction of the Afghan and Iraqi Economies (2004)
Economic Globalization and the Growing Divide between Rich and Poor Countries (2004)
Poverty and Climate Change in the Developing World (2005)
International Development, Underdevelopment, and Microcredit (2005)
Promotion of Sustainable Eco-Tourism and International Development (2006)
Promotion of Sustainable Development of Energy Resources (2006)
International Trade and Genetically-Modified Foods (2006)
Reform of the Global Monetary System (2007)
Economic Costs of Global Climate Change (2007)
Income Inequality (2007)
Agricultural Trade, Development, and Commodity Subsidies (2008)
Developing Countries and External Debt (2008)
Developing Countries and Access to Information Technology (2008)
Global Financial Crisis and Reform on the International Monetary Fund (2009)
Developing a Global Partnership for Development (Goal #8 of the Millennium Development Goals) (2009)
Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) (2009)
National Government Debt and Global Financial Instability in the 21st Century (2010)
Effect of the Global Financial Crisis on Economic Development in the Developing World (2010)
Reforming the International Trade System and the World Trade Organization (WTO) (2010)
Global Energy Demand and Energy Security/Insecurity (2011)
National Debt in the Developed and Developing World (2011)
Elimination of Offshore Tax Havens (e.g. Cayman Islands) (2011)


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Slave Trade (2001)
Genetically Engineered Food (2001)
Cultural Globalization (2002)
Children and Armed Conflict (2002)
Illegal Foreign Workers/Migrant Workers (2002)
Trafficking in Women and Children (2003)
Education and the Developing World (2003)
Equal Rights for Women (2003)
Effect of HIV/AIDs Crisis and Other Diseases on Humanitarian Assistance Efforts (2004)
Programme for Action for the Least Developed Countries (2004)
Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (2004)
Protection of Cultural Property (2005)
Transnational Crime and Kidnapping (2005)
Effects of Economic Sanctions on Developing and Less-Developed Countries (2005)
Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers (2006)
Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger (Goal #1 of the Millennium Development Goals) (2006)
Protection of the Rights of Individuals with Disabilities (2006)
Human Trafficking and Forced Labor (2007)
Desertification (2007)
Mismanagement of Water Resources and Water Scarcity (2007)
Promoting Literacy in the Developing World (2008)
Global Trade and Maritime Piracy (2008)
Deforestation and Rainforests (2008)
Energy Insecurity and Dependence (2009)
Loss of Biodiversity and Extinction of Species (2009)
Global Climate Change and the Potential Impacts on Small Island Nations (2009)
Natural Disasters, Humanitarian Relief, and Economic Reconstruction (2010)
Global Climate Change and Migration (2010)
Biotechnology and Combating Global Hunger and Malnutrition (2010)
Natural Disasters and Nuclear Energy Safety (2011)
Global Eradication of Tobacco Use by Children and Adults (2011)
Transformation of International Humanitarian Assistance/Relief to Sustainable Economic Development (2011)


Human Rights Council (HRC)

Freedom of Religion and Religious Persecution (2008)
Human Rights for Suspected "Terrorists" (2008)
Human Rights for Minority Groups within UN Member-States (2008)
Rights of Peoples to Self-Determination (2009)
Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (2009)
Rights of Victims of HIV/AIDS regarding Treatment and Medications (2009)
Mistreatment of peaceful demonstrators and protestors in UN member-states (2010)
Discrimination of the Roma community in Europe and elsewhere (2010)
Development of Regional Human Rights Regimes in the Developing World (e.g. Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East) (2010)
Treatment of Civilians (Non-Combatants) by National Governments during Civil Unrests and Wars (2011)
Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples (2011)
Human Rights Abuses in the West Bank and Gaza (Palestine) (2011)


International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Nuclear Terrorism (2004)
Nuclear Safety (2004)
Nuclear Waste Storage (2004)


World Trade Organization (WTO)

Doha Development Agenda (Agricultural Subsidies) (2005)
Intellectual Property Rights (2005)


United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

Biodiversity in the Latin American/Caribbean Region (2004)
Municipal Waste-Water Management and the Protection of Marine Environments (2004)
Energy and Sustainable Development in Least Developed Countries (2004)


World Health Organization (WHO)

Essential Medicines and Health Care (2006)
Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation (2006)
Avian Influenza ("Bird Flu") (2006)
Combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and other Diseases (Goal #6 of the Millennium Development Goals) (2010)
Curbing the Deaths of Children from Malnutrition and Preventable Diseases (2010)
Global Health Problems, including Acute Respiratory Infections Caused by or Aggravated by Air Pollution (2010)


United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Children and HIV/AIDs (2007)
Children and the Death Penalty (2007)
Child Labor (2007)


Model Organization of American States (MOAS)

Agricultural Subsidies and Free Trade in the Western Hemisphere (2006)
Poverty, Education, and Job Creation (2006)
Regional Integration in the Western Hemisphere (2006)


Model African Union (MAU)

Africa's Role in the War on Terrorism (2005)
New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) (2005)
Africa's Permanent Membership on the UN Security Council (2005)


Model Arab League (MAL)

Situation in Iraq (2007)
Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (2007)
Iranian Threat (2007)
Humanitarian and Refugee Crisis in Iraq (2008)
Israeli Occupation of Palestine (2008)
Professional and Education Advancement of Women in Arab Countries (2008)
Resolving regional security problems, including border security, piracy, cross-border military interventions, and arms trafficking (2009)
Establishing common standards regarding the rights of children, women, elderly, and other vulnerable populations in the areas of education, labor security, and human trafficking (2009)
Reviewing the questions of extradition between member-states of the Arab League (A.L.), and repatriation of citizens of A.L. member-states held in foreign detention facilities (2009)


Model International Court of Justice (MICJ)

Japan-Russia (Kurile/Kuril Islands) (2004)
Cuba-USA (Guantanamo Bay) (2004)
Argentina-United Kingdom (Falkland Islands) (2004)
Spain-United Kingdom (Gibraltar) (2005)
Syria-Israel (Golan Heights) (2005)
Pakistan-India (Kashmir) (2005)
Greece-Turkey (Aegean Sea) (2006)
Morocco-Spain (Ceuta, Melilla, and Isla Perejil) (2006)
China-Japan (Senkaku Islands) (2006)
Pakistan-India (Kashmir) (2007)
Palestinian Authority-Israel (East Jerusalem) (2007)
Sudan-Egypt (Hala'ib Triangle) (2007)
Ethiopia-Eritrea (Badme, Bure, and Tsorona-Zalambessa) (2008)
Venezuela-Guyana (Guayana Essequibo) (2008)
United Arab Emirates-Iran (Abu Musa) (2008)
China-India (Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh, India) (2009)
Vietnam-China (Paracel Islands) (2009)
Syria-Turkey (Hatay Province/Alexandretta, Turkey) (2009)
Comoros-France (Mayotte or Mahore island) (2010)
India-China (Aksai Chin or Aksayqin) (2010)
Montenegro-Croatia (Prevlaka peninsula) (2010)
Argentina v. United Kingdom (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands) (2011)
Cyprus v. Turkey (North Cyprus) (2011)
United Arab Emirates v. Iran (Greater and Lesser Tunbs) (2011)