Mark Mullenbach

Associate Professor and Director of the International Studies Program

Irby Hall, Room #217F

(501) 450-5693



Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Political Science, University of Arizona, 2001
— Dissertation: “Third-Party Interventions in Intrastate Disputes in the Twentieth Century
— Advisers: Dr. William J. Dixon, Dr. Gary Goertz, and Dr. Bradford S. Jones.

M.S., Political Science, Illinois State University, 1989

B.A., Political Science, Moorhead State University, 1988



Introduction to International Relations

United Nations & International Politics

International Law & Organizations

Governments & Politics of Europe and Russia

American Foreign Policy

Russian Foreign Policy

International Conflict & Conflict Management

China & International Politics

International Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism

Cyber Security Law & Policy



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