The New HPER Experience

HPER Experience Slider

Just by walking inside, you know this is a place where students, faculty and staff can ensure that their health, fitness and wellness will thrive. The HPER Center illustrates UCA’s commitment to helping its students, faculty and staff find total physical, mental and emotional wellness.

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COPA Slider

COPA is a new and exciting aspect of the HPER Center where the campus community can check out camping gear, bikes, canoes and other outdoor supplies for no charge, as well as register for upcoming courses to prepare them for their next outdoor adventure.

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In 140 Characters or Less

Brad Moore Featured

He seems quiet, reserved and almost shy as he cautiously pulls out his mobile device to stop the silent vibrations indicating that he has messages waiting for a response. Sheepishly, he grins as he stares at the device before beginning to tap on its screen.

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Donaghey Hall First Look

Donaghey hall

The look of UCA’s campus is about to change dramatically as the university works to create a mixed-use facility on the east side of Donaghey Avenue. The project, known as Donaghey Hall, will be a 67,500-square-foot, four-story building located on the corner of Bruce Street and Donaghey Avenue.

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