[1] Objectives

The Master of Arts program in History seeks to broaden and deepen the student’s mastery of the historical discipline. As such, it is suited to teachers desiring further study in the discipline, to students preparing for entrance into a doctoral program, and to those who, by reason of avocation or vocation, desire a more profound knowledge of history. The Master of Arts program prepares students for a wide variety of career options ranging from teaching and business to journalism and public service.

[2] Program Admission Requirements

Qualifications for regular admission to the Master of Arts program are the same as those for admission to the Graduate School, except that students entering the program must also have earned a minimum 3.00 GPA in an undergraduate major or minor in history (or a related discipline) and an acceptable score on the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE). GRE scores and two letters of recommendation must be submitted in order for an application to be reviewed by the department.  The department gives preference to applicants with at least 500 on the verbal and 4.5 on the analytical writing portion of the GRE.  Applicants must also submit two typed responses to the following questions:  1) Why are you interested in the History M.A. program at UCA? 2) What historical problem/interests prompted you to pursue a M.A. in history?  For conditional admission consult the graduate dean, department chair, or departmental graduate advisor.

Upon admission to graduate study, the student shall consult with the departmental graduate advisor regarding a program of study. For specific regulations concerning the Master of Arts program, the history department’s Guide to Graduate Study should be consulted as well as other appropriate sections of this bulletin.

With the removal of restrictions (if any) assigned at the time of admission and upon completion of nine hours but not more than 18 of graduate work, a student must apply for admission to candidacy for the master’s degree. The departmental graduate advisor will serve as the student’s advisor, identify faculty supervisors for students writing master’s theses, and, with the approval of the department chair, designate a faculty committee to give a comprehensive examination covering the candidate’s graduate work in history. If the examination performance is unsatisfactory, the candidate may be re-examined.

[3] Program Plans

The student must fulfill one of the two following plans:

[3.1] Plan 1

Satisfactory completion of 30 hours of appropriate course work in history, including HIST 6300 and 6371. At least 21 hours must be at the 6000 level.

[3.2] Plan 2

Satisfactory completion of 30 hours of appropriate course work in history, including HIST 6300 and 6371, and a thesis (six hours). At least 21 hours must be at the 6000 level. A reading knowledge of at least one foreign language is required.

[4] Graduate Courses in History (HIST)

Follow this link for HIST course descriptions: course link.