Health Sciences

[1] Objectives

The graduate program in health sciences leads to the Master of Science degree. The program is designed to prepare students as health educators in community health settings, colleges and universities, public schools, and health care facilities.

[2] Program Admission Requirements

Application to graduate study for the Master of Science degree in Health Sciences is selective. Consideration will be given to those students who meet university admission requirements for graduate school (GPA and GRE scores) and who hold an undergraduate degree in health education or a related field or have work experience in health.

[3] Petition for Candidacy

Students must be formally accepted as a candidate before the 18th hour of graduate work. Criteria for applying for candidacy in the department include (1) submission of résumé, (2) completion of nine hours of course work with a 3.00 grade point average or above, and (3) satisfaction of all conditions for admission to the department. Additionally, the student must complete all course work with a minimum of 3.00 grade point average and no more than six semester hours of C grades. Students receiving more than two Cs in graduate courses will be dismissed from the graduate program in Health Sciences.

[4] Degree Requirements

[4.1] Thesis Option (33 hours)

  1. Health Sciences core requirements (18 hours): H SC 6379, KPED 6316 or H SC 6330, H ED 6361, 6321, 6331, 5370. (For students without an undergraduate course in basic statistics, a basic statistics course may be assessed prior to admission to  KPED 6316 or H SC 6330.  If the course is taken at the graduate level, the course may be used as an elective in the program. Students with an undergraduate course in basic statistics may take either KPED 6316 or H SC 6330).
  2. Thesis research in Health Sciences (6 hours): H SC 6380, 6390.
  3. Electives (9 hours) selected with the approval of the graduate advisor to include no more than 3 hours from an allied area. Students without prior health education or related field background will complete all the elective hours in the department.  Courses may be selected from the following: HED 5301,5302,5303,5306,5310,5320,5343,5350,5352,5365 or 5665;6310,6311,6345,6350,6353,6361,6371; H SC 6335

[4.2] Non-Thesis Option (36 hours)

  1. Core Requirements (18 hours); same as for thesis option.
  2. Electives (18 hours) selected with approval of graduate advisor to include a maximum of nine hours of electives outside the department to be chosen with approval of the graduate advisor.  Students who do not have an undergraduate degree in health education or related field will complete all 18 hours of electives in the department. Courses may be selected from the following: H ED 5301, 5302, 5303, 5305, 5310, 5320, 5343,5350,5352,5365 or 5665; 6310, 6311,6345, 6350, 6353, 6361, 6371; H SC 6335

[5] Comprehensive Exams

All students must successfully complete written comprehensive examinations or present evidence of current CHES certification.   The comprehensive exam will be given during the fall and spring semesters of the regular school year. By submitting a letter of request, the student will advise the graduate coordinator of the intent to take the examination. The student is eligible to take the comprehensive examination if the student is within six hours of completion of the program and has no Cs in the program. Students with Cs will be required to write their examination after completing all course work.

[6] Graduate Courses in Health Sciences (H ED and H SC)

Follow this link for H ED and H SC course descriptions: course link.