Mike Gallagher, PhD

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Previous research experiences throughout my academic and professional career have encompassed a variety of sub-specialties within exercise science. I have taken additional interest in a few sub-specialties. These sub-specialties include the psychophysical link within exercise, thermoregulation and thermal stress in firefighters and other emergency responders, and applications of perceived exertion in a variety of settings. I have extensive experience in the areas listed above and those interests bode well in the future.

My short-term research interests are focused primarily on applications of perceived exertion. Specifically, I plan to continue exploring exertional observation. Exertional observation is the ability to directly observe physical activity and providing a relative metabolic intensity level associated with that activity. The relative metabolic intensity is determined through ratings of perceived exertion. The application of exertional observation in the school systems and the ability of perceived exertion to improve upon SOFIT in identifying intensity levels during activity are intriguing. The research line associated with perceived exertion requires minimal funding and equipment to perform research and provides sound research practices for students to get involved.

My long-term research interests are focused on disseminating research on the psychophysical link and collaborating once again with the Emergency Responder Human Performance Laboratory.