Coaching Endorsement

To be eligible to apply for a coaching licensure the following requirements must be met:


  1. Hold or be eligible to hold an initial/standard teaching licensure.
  2. Complete the following 25 hours of course work: PETE 2300; EXSS 2340, 2381, 3331, 3382, 4230, 3303, and 4395 with a grade of C or better and one of the following coaching courses: EXSS 3210, 3211, 3212, 3213, or 3214 with a grade of C or better.
  3. Pass the coaching licensure exam designated by the Arkansas State Department of Education–Physical Education: Content and Design test #0095 (paper) or test #5095 (computer).  A score of 169 or better is required.


For further information about licensure issues related to coaching, contact Charles Hervey (450-5714), or the Office of Candidate Services and Field Experience (450-3131).