Super Kids

A Super Program for 1st through 3rd Grade Students

Director, Mark Cooper


Four One-Week Sessions

June 9-13, 2014
June 16-20, 2014
June 23-27, 2014
June 30 -July, 2014

Who may attend?

Super kids may attend!  Super kids include all students entering first, second, and third grade who desire to learn and have fun.  The Super Kids Program is designed to offer students an exciting curriculum not offered in most schools.  The term “Super Kids” represents the belief that all students are super and thus should have an opportunity to attend.


Daily Schedule

Each course in the UCA Super Kids Program will be offered for one hour and 50 minutes per day for one week. Students take three courses. The same courses are offered for four sessions. All classes will be held at the University of Central Arkansas Child Study Center (115 Farris Road). The program begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m. For more information call 450-3171.


Classes Offered

Young Astronauts

Blast off to an exciting study of the planets, space travels, space stations and many other space-related topics. Students will step into a space laboratory once they enter the classroom. This futuristic investigation of space will spark the imagination of every student. It should come as no surprise when a future astronaut is discovered from this experience.

Young Meteorologists

Come join our weather forecasters and predict rain, shine, sleet or snow. Our young meteorologists will experience first-hand the science behind weather systems, severe weather safety, and predicting tornadoes, floods, and droughts. There will be action-packed, hands-on opportunities for the Super-Weather Forecasters to test their forecasting skills. Regardless of rain or shine, the Super Kids will be on the clock. A meteorologist’s day begins and ends with weather on the mind.

Polar Scientists

The Super Kids Expedition begins with a trip to the Polar Regions. Get prepared! Earmuffs, gloves, wool coats, warm boots, and goggles will be required to protect the young explorers from the blustery blizzards and frigid temperatures. Super Kids will investigate the many ways humans and animals survive in the frigid zones. Our young explorers will also study the polar climate, living in extremely cold temperatures and variations in daylight hours. There will be no cold feet in preparing for this exciting expedition!

Friendship Builders

An important goal of UCA Super Kids 2014 will be the focus on student’s relationships. Healthy friendships are important building blocks for future success. Therefore, a special 20 minutes per day will be devoted to these relationships. Speakers will be invited to give “motivational” talks to the Super Kids.


Program Fees

Students attending the UCA Super Kids Program for any of the first three weeks will pay an enrollment fee of $155.  The enrollment fee for week four (four-day week) is $124. Children will participate in all three extraordinary classes all four weeks. Students are expected to bring their lunches. Applications will be processed on a first-come basis. Registration will be closed when space is filled.


Each of the UCA Super Kids 2014 faculty members has experience working with students in this age group and a high degree of knowledge in his or her given subject areas. It is the goal of each faculty member to make this an enjoyable learning experience. UCA Super Kids 2014 is directed by Drs. Mark Cooper and Rene’ Crow.

To apply, click here.