University Safety Committee


a. To recommend to the Vice President for finance and administration services policies that ensure an environment free from unreasonable risk, thereby reducing the number and severity of occupational illnesses and injuries.

b. To serve as a resource for the various administrative units on campus, assisting them in the identification and correction of unsafe conditions or practices in their areas.

c. To serve as the coordinating body in monitoring compliance with safety regulations.

d. To recommend to the Vice President for finance and administration services expenditures necessary to achieve the university's safety goals.


The Vice President for Finance and Administration, Medical Director of Student Health Services, Chief of Police, Associate Vice President/Admin. Services/Human Resources, Associate General Counsel, Director of Physical Plant, and Director of Environmental Health and Safety will serve as permanent members.  One faculty member appointed by the Faculty Senate, two staff members appointed by the Staff Senate, one student member appointed by the Student Government Association will serve. Faculty members will serve four-year terms, staff members will serve two-year terms, and student members will serve one-year terms.  The Director of Organizational and Community Services, Research Compliance Coordinator, hazardous chemical expert from the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Insurance Manager, and Associate Director of Media Relations will serve in an ex-officio capacity.  The chair is appointed by the president and the secretary is elected by the committee.


Member Term Title
Larry James, Chair Permanent Chief of Police
Diane Newton Permanent Vice President for Finance and Administration
Randy Pastor Permanent Medical Director of Student Health Services
Graham Gillis Permanent Associate Vice-President Human Resources
Warren Readnour Permanent General Counsel
Larry Lawrence Permanent Director, Physical Plant
VACANT Permanent Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Meredith Kemper 2016 Faculty Senate Appointment
Mary Jackson 2016 Staff Senate Appointment
Denicha Kemp 2015 Staff Senate Appointment
VACANT Student Government Appointment
Arch Jones, Jr Director, Organizational & Community Services (Ex-Officio)
Steve Beal Research Compliance Coordinator (Ex-Officio)
Rick Tarkka Hazardous Chemical Expert (Ex-Officio)
Kim Hutchcraft Insurance Manager (Ex-Officio)
VACANT Associate Director, Media Services (Ex-Officio)

Meetings: on call

Reports to: President

Send minutes to: Chair of Committee on Committees      �

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