Textiles and Clothing (FACS)

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1370 INTERIOR AND APPAREL CONSTRUCTION 1 A required course for the general FACS and FACS education major and an elective for the interior design major. The course includes principles of construction for both interiors and apparel with emphasis on workroom techniques.

2360 TEXTILES A required course for the interior design and general FACS major. The course includes a study of the fundamental weaves, yarns, fibers, colors, and finishes with reference to selection of fabrics for clothing and home furnishings. Lecture/discussion. Fall, spring.

2380 ADVANCED CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION An elective course for the general FACS major. The course focus is planning clothing needs of the individual or family. Design and construction of garments from synthetic and wool fabrics is included. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: FACS 1370. On demand.

3360 CONSUMER PROBLEMS IN CLOTHING A required course for the general FACS major. A study of the sociological, psychological, and economic aspects of clothing selection; wardrobe management; professional image and apparel evaluation. Workshop format. Spring.

3361 INTERIOR AND APPAREL CONSTRUCTION 2 An elective course for majors and non-majors. The course includes advanced techniques for interior and apparel workroom construction. Lecture/laboratory. Prerequisite: FACS 1370. Spring.