Quantitative Methods

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[1] Courses in Quantitative Methods (QMTH)

2330 BUSINESS STATISTICS This is a required course for all business majors as a part of the business foundation. The mode of instruction is lecture, working problems, and discussion. This course includes an introduction to descriptive statistics, probability theory (theoretical and empirical), discrete and continuous distributions, estimation, and sampling concepts. An emphasis is placed on hypothesis testing including type I and type II errors. Prerequisite: MATH 1395. Fall, spring, summer.

3325 DATA ANALYSIS This course is an option for Finance and Management Information Systems (MIS) Business Analysis Concentration majors. Lectures emphasize computer use to solve problems and interpret results. The course includes in-depth study of experimental design, data cleaning, exploratory data analysis, confirmatory data analysis and data modeling. Prerequisite: QMTH 2330 or equivalent. Fall, spring.

4341 QUANTITATIVE METHODS IN MANAGEMENT (cross-listed as MGMT 4341) The course emphasizes quantitative aids to decision making including a review of probability, linear programming, queuing theory, simulation techniques, network analysis, and Markov analysis. Lecture/discussion. Prerequisite: QMTH 2330. On demand.