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4110 WORKSHOP IN MUSIC EDUCATION Available as an elective for BM education majors. Problems in music education to be determined by student(s) enrolled. Each instructor determines the method of teaching. On demand.

4310 SPECIAL STUDIES IN MUSIC Available for exceptional undergraduate music majors to investigate a selected area within their field, to complete and present an honors research paper or an honors recital which includes a written report.  To be done with the approval of the departmental honors committee and the supervision of music faculty member. Prerequisite: 3.0 accumulative G.P.A., 3.2 music G.P.A., successful proposal submitted to and approved by departmental honors committee. Fall, spring.

4315 INTRODUCTION TO KODALY First course toward the 18-hour certification in the Kodaly Concept. Introduces students to the basic pedagogical practices used in the primary grades. Other courses include Kodaly Concept I, II, III (2 hrs. credit for each), Solfege I, II, III (2 hrs. for each) and Folk Song Research (3 hrs. credit), and Early Childhood Methods and Materials or Children’s Choral Music (2 hrs. each);. one or the other must be selected). Workshop format. Prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree. On demand.

4121, 4221, 4321 WORKSHOP IN MUSIC Available as an elective for BM majors. Problems in music to be determined by the student(s) enrolled. May be taken for 1 to 3 credits. Each instructor determines the method of teaching. On demand.

4102 SENIOR RECITAL Represents the final applied music project for BM or BA majors. A public recital (suggested minimum duration, BM: 45 minutes) will be evaluated by a faculty jury. The program will include program notes prepared by the student. Prerequisite: Completion of junior-level applied study and approval of the applied teacher. BM education majors may substitute a senior project at the discretion of their applied teacher. Fall, spring.

4108 SENIOR PROJECT This course is designed to be the final project for BM in Education and BA music majors who elect this option in lieu of a senior recital. A project of considerable scope will be required. The actual form of this project could take several directions: extensive analytical research paper, experimental research study, lecture-recital, or other creative project related to the student’s major area of concentration. The specific topic and nature of the project will be submitted to a faculty committee appointed by the department chair for approval, prior to registration. Prerequisite: Completion of junior-level applied study, theory and history. Fall, spring.