University College

Director: Dr. Novy, 450-3220
Lecturer II: Ms. Bratton, Ms. Christman, Ms. Edwards, Ms. Hudson, Ms. Johnson, Mr. Olds, Mr. Pachlhofer, Ms. Wood
Lecturer I: Ms. Corum, Mr. Dias, Ms. Fielder, Mr. Gardner, Ms. Martin

[1] Mission Statement

University College supports and contributes to the mission of the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) by offering a curriculum of state-mandated developmental requirements to prepare students for progression into UCA’s baccalaureate degree programs. By being sensitive and responsive to the individual differences and diverse needs of transitional students seeking to achieve college-level skills in a variety of academic disciplines, University College promotes, encourages, and stimulates the personal, social, and intellectual growth of its student base through its commitment to the following goals and values:

  • Our belief in a holistic and comprehensive approach to learning and learners
  • Our belief that all students have different backgrounds and learning styles
  • Our commitment to identify these diversities in order to foster a supportive, student-centered atmosphere that encourages student academic success
  • Our commitment to provide and develop curriculum and support services that prepare students for other general education and upper division courses at UCA

[2] General Information

University College is open to students who meet the standards for admission as determined by the UCA Admissions Committee. The program of study includes the state-mandated transitional requirements. University College students who complete their transitional course requirements and twelve (12) hours of general education courses at UCA with a cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.00 are eligible for admission to a four-year program of study at UCA. University College students may also complete the AAGE before continuing toward a baccalaureate degree.

[3] Transitional Course Completion Policy

It is the policy of the University of Central Arkansas that any student who is required to complete transitional course work in reading, writing, or mathematics must complete the courses required for remediation within three attempts per area at UCA with a grade of C or higher. Unsuccessful attempts are those that result in a grade of D, F, W, WP, or WF. Failure to complete the required course(s) within three attempts per area will result in suspension from UCA. To re-enroll at UCA, a student must complete the transitional course requirements with a grade of C or higher at another accredited institution of higher education and provide UCA with a transcript prior to registration for classes.

Additionally, this Transitional Course Completion Policy will apply to former UCA students who choose to re-enroll at the University. This policy was instituted in 1996 in response to state legislation (statute 6-62-107 and Act 1141 of 1993) that was designed to reduce remediation at four-year colleges and universities in Arkansas. The policy is administered at UCA through the University College.

UCA provides support services for students enrolled in the transitional courses including peer tutoring, computer-aided tutorials and software. Faculty maintain office hours so students can get individual help beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these services.

[4] Support Programs

University College and UCA are committed to academic excellence as evident in the array of academic support services available to every student. All services are administered by the university and offered to students without charge. University College works closely with the Academic Advising Center and the Academic Success Center, a tutoring program in Main Hall that is open to all UCA students and provides assistance in a variety of general education areas.

[5] University College Courses (UNIV)

Follow this link for UNIV course descriptions: course link.