Medical Technology Program

Undergraduate Bulletin
Document Number 3.04.05

Advisor: Dr. Emogene Fox, 450-3194

[1] Program

Medical technology is a profession that is practiced almost exclusively in hospitals or diagnostic clinics. These specialists perform the laboratory tests ordered by physicians and are the only laboratory technicians who are qualified to work independently of supervisory personnel. Upon completion of the professional program, the graduate is eligible to take various certification examinations required for licensure.

The Department of Health Sciences, in cooperation with Baptist Health, offers a Bachelor of Science degree in medical technology. Three years of this program are taken on the UCA campus, and the fourth is completed in the hospital-associated teaching laboratories.

[2] Baccalaureate Degree: Bachelor of Science

Requirements for the degree are as follows:

  1. Completion of a minimum of 79 semester hours described below with at least a 2.0 GPA is necessary for application to the professional curriculum. In order to receive credit toward a degree from the university, the student must apply and be admitted to UCA prior to enrolling in the professional curriculum in medical technology. In all cases students will be required to complete a total of 120 hours with a minimum of 30 hours of residence credit.
  2. Acceptance into the clinical program in medical technology at Baptist Health.
  3. Completion of the professional curriculum with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

The curriculum for medical technology is as follows:

Preprofessional Curriculum SCH
The general education component 47
Specified general education and other required courses:  
MATH 1390 or above 3
CSCI 1300 or MIS 2343 3
BIOL 1440, 1441, 2405, 4420 16
CHEM 1450, 1451, 2401, 3520 17
Electives 4
Professional Curriculum SCH
Immunology 1
Immunohematology 1
Hematology 4
Body Fluids 1
Clinical Microbiology 4
Clinical Chemistry 4
Seminar I 1
Seminar II 1
Management/Education 1
Clinical Internship I 5
Clinical Internship II 5
Clinical Internship III 6
Clinical Internship IV 7


[3] Courses in Medical Technology (MD T)

Follow this link for MD T course descriptions: course link.