Honors College

Dean and Professor: Dr. Scott, 450-3198
Associate Dean and Associate Professor: Dr. Bowman
Director of Undergraduate Research and Associate Professor: Dr. Frana
Associate Professors: Dr. Frank, Dr. Wallace
Assistant Professor: Dr. Hostetter
Lecturer: Mr. Corbitt

[1] Purposes

The Honors College recognizes that highly motivated and able students have special educational needs. In order to help meet their needs, the Honors College gives these students the opportunity:

  1. To take a series of specially designed courses.
  2. To participate in a peer community of students with similar abilities.
  3. To participate in a variety of co-curricular academic experiences.
  4. To receive individualized instruction in an Oxford tutorial.
  5. To produce an Honors College Thesis Project and present it before faculty and students.

[2] General Information

The Honors Program. The Honors Program consists of the Honors core courses, a multi-course sequence called The Human Search. These courses are for freshmen and sophomores and fulfill general education requirements. Honors core courses are broad in scope, transcend disciplinary boundaries, and can be taught by a team of professors from different academic disciplines.

The Honors College. The Honors College curriculum consists of a fifteen-hour Honors Interdisciplinary Studies minor. At the center of the curriculum is undergraduate scholarship: the Oxford Tutorial, in which a student works one-on-one with a professor on a research project, and the Thesis, in which the student writes and presents an interdisciplinary thesis. The Honors College is for juniors and seniors invited from those students completing the Honors Program.

The Honors Center. The Honors College is much more than a sequence of courses. In order for the educational process to be at the center of the student’s life, the Honors College has a physical place where faculty and students gather for good conversation. The Honors Center has seminar rooms, the Forum, study rooms with computers, a specially designed presentation room, and faculty and staff offices. Students and faculty come to the Honors Center to study, meet with each other, work on group projects, socialize, and engage in discussion. In addition, speakers, seminars, workshops, High Tables (regular discussion accompanied by good food), films and videos all provide the occasion to keep the conversation going. The Honors Center is a focal point for the social and intellectual activity of the Honors College.

Special Events. Each year the Honors College sponsors a series of lecture and performance events such as Challenge Week for the entire campus and central Arkansas community. Nationally prominent figures are invited to speak and spend time interacting with students and faculty. In addition, weekend retreats and special banquets are held for members of the Honors College community.

[3] Grants Programs

Funds are available for study abroad (Travel Abroad Grants) and research internships (Undergraduate Research Grants for Education). Eligible Honors College scholars prepare grant proposals, and monies are awarded on a competitive basis.

[4] Honors College Residence Hall

In addition to special instruction, Honors Scholars occupy a specially designated residence hall, Farris Honors Hall. The atmosphere reinforces the learning and friendships developed through the program, and selected Honors students act as live-in mentors, technology associates, and residential advisers. Application to the Honors College residence hall is through the Housing Department. Those students who have been accepted into the Honors College at the time of housing assignments will be placed in the Honors College residence hall based on space availability.

[5] Admission Requirements

The Honors College limits enrollment. For admission requirements and more information, contact

Dean, Honors College
McAlister Hall 306/Box 5024
University of Central Arkansas
Conway, Arkansas 72035-5000
Telephone: (501) 450-3198 or (501) 450-5295
E-mail: honors@uca.edu
Website: www.uca.edu/honors

[6] Honors Program Courses (HONC)

[6.1] Honors Core: The Human Search

Follow this link for HONC – Honors Core course descriptions: course link.

[6.2] Fifteen-Hour Minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

Follow this link for HONC – Minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies course descriptions: course link.

[7] Honors College Graduation Requirements

To complete the Honors College minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies, a student must take 9 hours of Honors seminars and the Oxford Tutorial and complete an Honors College Thesis Project with an oral presentation.