Division of Enrollment Management

Vice-President: Dr. Parrent, 450-5070
Associate Vice-President: Dr. Winden Fey, 450-5384
Director of Academic Advising: Ms. Eubank
Director of Learning Communities: Dr. Stone
Director of Special Projects: Mr. Burns
Coordinator of UCAN Program: Mr. Williams
Resident Faculty Masters: Ms. Horton, Mr. Melton, Dr. Phwandaphwanda, Dr. Swift, Dr. Yarberry
Advisor: Ms. Ruud

[1] Components

The Division of Enrollment Management is designed to assist students to develop and strengthen competencies important for achieving academic success in the university’s rigorous academic programs. The Division provides services in the following key areas:

  • Academic Support Services
  • Academic Success Workshops
  • UCAN and UCAN II
  • Learning Community Programs
    • Residential Colleges
    • Sophomore Year Experience
    • Traditional Learning Communities
    • First-Year Experience Course
  • Professional Academic Advising

Academic support services are offered through the learning community programs and the Academic Advising Center, as well as through intervention programs such as the Academic Success Workshops and UCAN, where students can receive academic assistance both in content area and in the improvement of study skills. The Residential Colleges and the Sophomore Year Experience Program give students an opportunity to enrich their college experience in living/learning communities, while the Traditional Learning Communities Program provides both residential and commuter students with the benefits of a clustered learning curriculum.

[2] Academic Advising Center

Academic advisors offer students advisement related to registration, academic programs, and academic planning, as well as assisting students in locating resources to meet individual educational needs. They advise all incoming first-year students, undeclared students, visiting students, and undeclared transfer students. For more information phone 450-5149.

[3] Courses in Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS)

Follow this link for INDS course descriptions: course link.

[4] First Year Seminars (FYFS)

Follow this link for FYFS course descriptions: course link.

[5] UCA Consortium (UCAC)

Follow this link for UCAC courses: course link.

[6] UCA Study Abroad (UCAS)

Follow this link for UCAS courses: course link.