Department of Military Science and Leadership

[1] Purposes

The Department of Military Science and Leadership commissions the future officer leadership of the United States Army. The Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) offers each student the opportunity to serve in the US Army on Active duty or remain in Arkansas and serve in the Army National Guard or the US Army Reserve while pursuing a civilian career after graduation.

Regardless of the career choice, success in life today demands more than ever the right preparation. Education is essential, but the growing proportion of Americans going to college has lessened the diploma’s role as an automatic entre to the best jobs. Employers are demanding something more. Army ROTC provides hands-on, performance-oriented leadership and management training. Army ROTC is the competitive edge for the success-oriented college student.

[2] General Information

Registration. Registration for military science is accomplished at the same time and in the same manner as other courses. There is no additional tuition cost for full-time students. All required books and equipment are provided at no cost to the student.

Military Service Obligation. There is no military obligation for students taking freshman and sophomore military science courses. (Freshman and sophomore military science students attending college on Army ROTC scholarships are obligated by their contracts.)

Scholarships. Four-year scholarships are available on a competitive basis to high school seniors who plan to enroll in Army ROTC. In addition, two and three-year scholarships are available on a competitive basis to UCA students. These scholarships pay tuition, fees, $1,200 per year for books, and up to $500 per month ($300 – freshmen, $350 – sophomores, $450 – juniors, $500 – seniors, tax free, for ten months during the school year). A limited number of room and board grants are also available.

Advance Course Students. Contracted advance course students receive up to $4,000 during the school year. The subsistence allowance is paid in addition to the Montgomery GI Bill or other benefits an individual may receive. Additionally, members of the Army Reserve and National Guard may continue to receive their drill pay and are promoted to Sergeant (E-5) for pay purposes while participating in the Simultaneous Membership Program.

[3] Basic Course

The basic course (taken by freshmen and sophomores) consists of MILS 1101, 1102, 2201 and 2202.  MILS 1101 and 1102 meet one hour in class and two hours for a leadership lab which consists of practical applications of current leadership topics, as well as learning to rappel and other military or survival skills.  Basic course students can participate in many activities throughout the year sponsored by the military science department.  These activities include rappelling, rifle marksmanship, color guard, ranger challenge team, military ball, field-training exercises, awards ceremony, physical conditioning programs, and many more.

[4] Advanced Course

The advanced course consists of MILS 3301, 3302, 4301, 4302, 4303 and 4304 and a five-week ROTC leadership camp between the junior and senior years.

To enroll in the advanced course, students must meet eligibility and age requirements, be physically qualified, have two academic years to complete before graduation or reception of a graduate degree, have a grade point average of 2.0 or better, be accepted by the professor of military science, and be a US citizen.

[4.1] Eligibility for the Advance Course

To be eligible for the advanced course, a student must meet one of the following:

1. Have completed the basic course,

2. Have completed the Leaders Training Course at Ft. Knox (five weeks prior to junior year),

3. Have completed four years of high school Junior ROTC experience,

4. Be a veteran, or

5. Be a member of the National Guard or Reserve and have completed basic training.

NOTE:  Each contracted cadet must meet certain professional military education requirements prior to commissioning.  Each cadet must complete a semester or semester equivalent course in written communications, human behavior, military history, computer literacy, and mathematical reasoning.

[5] Leaders Training Course

The Leader’s Training Course is a five-week summer leadership and training exercise that satisfies all ROTC requirements in lieu of the basic course.  Completion of this camp enables eligible students to enter the advanced course.  Registration is through the military science department during the spring semester.  Students are paid while at this camp.  See the military science department for eligibility requirements.

[6] Minor in Military Science (18 hours)

The minor in Military Science requires 18 hours, including the following courses: MILS 3301, 3302, 4301, 4302; HIST 3381; plus 3 hours of computer science courses (CSCI 1300 or higher).

Prerequisites for acceptance into the Military Science Minor program are:

1. Successful completion of the ROTC Basic Course (4 semesters) with a Military Science GPA of 3.0 as a minimum. (Other initial military training may be accepted on a case by case basis by the Department Chair.)

2. Completion of WRTG 1310 or higher level course, completion of MATH 1360 or higher level course.

[7] Follow this link for MILS course descriptions: course link