Asian Studies

Coordinator and Assistant Professor: Dr. Bi-Ling Chen, 852-2637

[1] Purpose

The objective of the Asian studies minor is to provide students with an overview of the great civilizations of India, China, Korea and Japan (among others), and an appreciation of their place in the modern global community. The minor is especially recommended to students interested in exploring Asian ethical systems and aesthetics, or for those planning a career in international business, law or communications.

[2] Requirements

The minor in Asian studies requires successful completion of the requirements listed below for a total of 18 required hours.

Choose three courses from the following.  A total of 9 Core Requirement hours are required:

ART 2325           Asian Art Survey
ENGL 2320        Asian Literature in Global Context
HIST 3303          Asian Civilization I
HIST 3304          Asian Civilization II
PHIL 3352          Asian Philosophy and Religion
RELG 3325        Buddhism

Choose three courses from the following.  A total of 9 Elective hours are required.  You may also choose from among the courses offered above under “Core Requirements” providing that you have not applied that course toward “Core Requirements”.

ENGL3325        Advanced Readings in World Literature (when on an Asia related topic)
CHIN 2310        Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 2320        Intermediate Chinese II
CHIN 3300        Advanced Chinese Grammar I
CHIN 3303        Advanced Chinese Grammar II
CHIN 3312        Culture and Society: Advanced Readings on Modern Chinese
CHIN 3320        Advanced Readings in Chinese Literature
GEOG 3345      Geography of China and East Asia
GEOG 3346      Geography of South Asia
HIST 3303         Asian Civilization I
HIST 3304         Asian Civilization II
HIST 4381         Modern China
HIST 4383         Modern Japan
HIST 4386         War in the Pacific, 1931-1945
JAPN 2310        Japanese Conversation and Composition I
SOC 4395         Family and Social Relationships in China
WLAN 2315      Cultural Studies (when Asian theme is offered)

Topics courses in any Asia-related course that are deemed appropriate by the Coordinator of Asian Studies may be approved. Check with the Coordinator to see if this applies in your case before enrolling.