Emergency Textbook Grant Request

For consideration, students shall be seeking a degree, enrolled in the current term at UCA, be current on their university bill (set up on a payment plan if owe more than $200), completed the FAFSA application (if US Citizen) and shall submit an online application.

Students must state specific details explaining their emergency circumstances and full aid being received by the student must be posted to their student account. Requests lacking this information will not be considered.

All applicants shall be notified by Cub e-mail the status of their request.

All awards are physical vouchers which can only be redeemed at the UCA Bookstore.

For more information, please contact the office of Student Support and Resource Center at 501-852-0704 or studentsupport@uca.edu.

Disclaimer: This application will be reviewed by the Emergency Student Support committee.  All decisions made by the committee are final – no appeals will be considered.  All applications submitted after 3:00 PM will be presented to the Committee the following business day.

**One-time only refers to the entire time a person is a student at UCA regardless of changes in enrollment or classification.

* indicates a required field