Health Sciences (H SC)

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[1] Graduate Courses in Health Sciences (H SC)

5305 TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS IN THE HEALTH SCIENCES This course includes examination and application of computerized health assessments, health promotion on the Internet, spreadsheets and databases, and advanced presentation and desktop publishing software.

5370 ADMINISTRATION OF HEALTH PROGRAMS Fundamental concepts of administration, management, and leadership in a variety of health education, health promotion, and wellness programs.

6V80 THESIS RESEARCH I (Variable credit: 1-3 credit hours.) Proposal and approval of a thesis topic, review of related literature, presentation and approval of a research design, and collection of pertinent data. Prerequisite: Consent of the department.

6V90 THESIS RESEARCH II (Variable credit: 1-3 credit hours.) Completion of the data collection, writing of thesis, and defense of the thesis. Prerequisite: Consent of the department.

6330 BIOSTATISTICS FOR PUBLIC HEALTH An introduction to biostatistics data collection, management, analysis, description, and inference.

6335 GRANTWRITING Course addresses the development of grants and contracts and presents an overview identifying funding sources.

6379 RESEARCH IN HEALTH SCIENCES A comprehensive overview of the foundation of applied health science research. Emphasis is placed on preparing students to conduct health science research. The course seeks to enhance students’ knowledge, skills, and expertise in the fundamentals of qualitative and quantitative research design, implementation, and evaluation.