Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

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[1] Courses in Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Note: Courses bearing the GATE subject prefix were designated ECSE through Summer 2015.

6353 INTRODUCTION TO GIFTED EDUCATION This course explores the characteristics of the gifted, talented, and creative child. Emphasis is placed on (a) historical development of the field, (b) characteristics and identification, (c) K-12 programming options and models pertaining to the field of gifted education, and (d) educational programs and interventions.

6355 CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION FOR GIFTED LEARNERS This course teaches candidates how to design differentiated curricula and the strategies necessary to effectively provide appropriate experiences, materials, and environments conducive to optimum learning and development of the gifted and talented.

6357 CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, AND TRENDS IN GIFTED EDUCATION This course explores current trends and issues in gifted education, including meeting the needs of creative students, talent development and innovation, and identifying and serving promising underrepresented groups.

6358 AFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR THE GIFTED AND TALENTED This course examines the strategies necessary to address psycho-social needs related to personality, maturity, giftedness, and creativity. Concrete strategies for managing students’ emotional needs are provided, as well as appropriate experiences, materials, and environments conducive to optimum learning/development of the gifted and talented.

6370 SPECIAL TOPICS IN GIFTED AND TALENTED EDUCATION This course will focus on gifted education in varying areas of interests and needs including underrepresented learners, discipline-specific talent development, program development, and current research practices. This course is primarily for students enrolled in an EdS or PhD program with a cognate in gifted education.

6391 ADVANCED PRACTICUM: EDUCATIONAL PRACTICE IN GIFTED EDUCATION Learning experiences are provided which incorporate skills in classroom organization, management, planning, and teaching in a field setting. Candidates will teach students with gifts and talents in informal, out-of-school settings. Candidates can choose to take Advanced Practicum during the summer in a summer camp (STEMulate Engineering Academy) or during the spring across 4 Saturdays (STEMulate Saturdays). Prerequisites must be completed BEFORE (not simultaneously with) the practicum course. Prerequisites: GATE 6357, 6353, 6355, and 6358.