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[3.2] Concentration: Music Education (32 hours minimum)

[3.2.1] Required courses for concentration

MUS 6304 Contemporary Issues in Music Education

MUS 6325 Practical Applications of Research in Music Education

[3.2.2] Music core courses

One course from the following:

MUS 6313 Music Research and Bibliography (performance, theory, conducting majors)

MUS 6324 Introduction to Music Education Research (music education majors)

Three courses from the following, including at least one music theory course and one music history course:

MUS 5311 Introduction to Linear Analysis (music theory)

MUS 6302 Analytical Techniques for Twentieth-Century Music (music theory)

MUS 6314 Seminar in Music Theory (music theory)

MUS 6317 Analysis of Music of the 18th and 19th Centuries (music theory)

MUS 6318 Nineteenth-Century Music (music history)

MUS 6319 Twentieth-Century Music (music history)

MUS 6320 Eighteenth-Century Music (music history)

MUS 6321 Music in the Baroque Era (music history)

MUS 6322 Music in the Renaissance (music history)

MUS 6323 History of Women in Music (music history)

MUS 6303 History and Philosophy of Music Education (music education history; required for music education majors; other majors may enroll with permission of the instructor; a second music history course must be taken in addition to this course)

[3.2.3] Music Electives

At least eight hours of the following:

MUS 5206 Marching Band Techniques

MUS 5325 Orff-Schulwerk Methodology I

MUS 5326 Orff-Schulwerk Methodology II

MUS 5327 Orff-Schulwerk Methodology III

MUS 6207 Choral Conducting

MUS 6210 Choral Literature I

MUS 6211 Choral Literature II

MUS 6206 Instrumental Conducting

MUS 6203 Instrumental Literature I

MUS 6208 Instrumental Literature II

MUS 6V05 Directed Graduate Study

MUS 5V10 Special Problems in Music Education

MUSA 6VXX Applied Lessons (maximum of 3 credit hours)

MUSE 61XX Ensemble (maximum of 3 credit hours) – 6102 (Wind Ensemble), 6103 (Symphonic Band), 6104 (Jazz Ensemble), 6105 (Woodwind Chamber Music), 6106 (Brass Chamber Music), 6107 (Traditional Jazz Band), 6110 (Concert Choir), 6111 (University Chorus), 6112 (Opera), 6113 (Chamber Singers), 6120 (Symphony), 6121 (String Chamber Music), 6130 (Percussion Ensemble/Steel Band), 6140 (Accompanying), 6141 (Piano Chamber Music)