Educational Leadership Program

Program Contacts

Jeff Whittingham, PhD: Interim Department Chair
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Matthew White, EdD: Graduate Program Coordinator
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[1] Education Specialist (EdS) Program in Educational Leadership

The Education Specialist degree in Educational Leadership (EDLP) includes district and school level endorsements (e.g. superintendent and other central office positions; building administration; curriculum administration; program administration in adult education, special education, or gifted and talented education A Post-Master’s Certificate (PMC) in District-Level Administration is also available. In conjunction with the master’s program in School Leadership, Management, and Administration, a PMC in Building-Level Administration is also available.

[2] Admission to Program

In addition to meeting the general requirements of the Graduate School, the prospective candidate must complete the Graduate School application, which requires the following:

  1. Candidate personal and professional information
  2. Official transcripts, sent electronically to the UCA Graduate School by the institution(s) attended
  3. If seeking an additional endorsement, proof provided to the graduate school of a valid and current standard education license
  4. A statement of interest in the degree program

[3] Arkansas Requirements for Candidates Seeking to Add a P–12 Building-Level or District-Level Endorsement to a Teaching License

Candidates seeking District-Level Administrator or Building-Level Administrator (includes Building Administrator and Curriculum/Program Administrator* endorsements) must adhere to the following state requirements for UCA to recommend the candidate for the endorsement:

  1. Complete significant internship experiences at P–12 levels.
  2. Present to the Department of Leadership Studies the appropriate license application, an appropriate score report showing at least the minimum score set by the state for licensure, and all other documentation required by the state.
  3. Acquire and provide documentation of the appropriate number of years of professional experience required by the state for the license being sought.

* Curriculum/Program Administrators must hold a valid teaching license in the area of administrator endorsement being sought.

[4] Retention Requirements

Retention is contingent upon making satisfactory academic progress toward the degree. Candidates must hold a current and valid teacher’s license. Serious violations of the state ethics mandates for educators, and/or serious violations of UCA student academic conduct policies may result in suspension or dismissal from the program.

[5] Resident Credit and Transfer Credit

Six semester hours credit of grade “B” or above earned at another institution may be applied to the degree requirements. To be considered for transfer, the credits must have been awarded by a state or regionally accredited institution, must have been earned after completion of the master’s degree, must complement the student’s approved program of study, and must be approved in advance by the department. Internship and portfolio credit may not be transferred. Acceptance of transfer credit does not reduce the 24 hours of residency requirement.

[6] Degree Requirements

The EdS degree in Educational Leadership requires that the candidate

  1. Earn a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit including three required courses (9 semester hours)—EDLP 7301, 7363, 7387—and a minimum of 21 hours of courses congruent with area of endorsement, maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0, with no more than nine hours of “C” grades; and
  2. Complete satisfactorily the program’s required culminating experience.

[7] Post-Master’s Certificate in District-Level Administration

[7.1] Program Admission Requirements

  1. Complete the Department of Leadership Studies application.
  2. Provide documentation of appropriate master’s degree in school leadership or educational leadership or approved equivalent.
  3. Provide a building-level and/or curriculum/program endorsement.
  4. Provide at least three professional references who may be contacted regarding your potential for success in the program.
  5. Engage in an interview with EDLP faculty.
  6. Submit a response to a writing prompt.
  7. Submit a completed Program Recommendation by Administrator Form.
  8. Candidates seeking this endorsement in the state of Arkansas must have equivalent courses in the following areas: Program Planning and Evaluation, Human Resource Administration, and Organizational Change and Development. Candidates who do not have equivalent courses in these areas will be required to complete up to an additional nine hours of coursework.

[7.2] Course Requirements (12 hours)

EDLP 7320 Facilities Planning and Administration
EDLP 7324 School Board Relations
EDLP 7300 School Finance
EDLP 7V30 Internship District Leadership (3 credit hours)

[7.3] Certificate Requirements

To be recommended for the certificate, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete all required coursework with at least a 3.00 GPA (maximum of three hours of “C” grades may be counted toward the certificate).
  2. Complete satisfactorily the program’s required culminating experience.

[7.4] Endorsement Requirements

  1. Present score reports on the state-mandated external national examination and meet at least the minimum score set by the state for endorsement.
  2. Present other documentation that is required by the state in order for the department to recommend you for the appropriate administrator’s endorsement.

[8] Graduate Course Links: Educational Leadership (EDLP)

Follow this link for EDLP course descriptions: course link.